Monday, May 14, 2018


People says being single is freedom,Another says being single is empty room,I agreed both. 

Since i moved in Bali, one of beautiful island in Wonderful Indonesia and i am single in the most free island in Indonesia!! That is a shame. ha ha.. 

Balinese death ceremony, jl imam bonjol, busy road in Bali, uncommon day
Balinese death ceremony in very busy road, Jl Imam Bonjol. I admire that Indonesia has so much culture like this.
Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia, beautiful, wonderful Indonesia
Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia
Selfie with panorama of Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia
Very beautiful landscape and i would involve for sure, but only the stick was with me to help me captured the moment. :)
fun, happiness of children playful in Tegenungan Waterfal, Bali,Indonesia
Look how happy are they, so i got the temptation to jump too!! I need to jump, i am here in Bali, in beautiful Waterfall, i don't give a damn that i don't bring bikini or towel or even companion. ha! 
Being single, doesn't mean that you are Single together :) , The others not!
I decided to jump, and the result the water was bbbrrrrrr... very cooooolddd.. but the most coldness is, my background! Being single, sometime i would have devil envy mind to see romantic couple. hahahah... 

Okay, next..

Being single makes me push my self, because who else would push me? I have no option, like:
I booked my private rent room (size 4x3 msq) from hometown (it's like 709 km from Bali) and the awesome moment is the room, exactly empty room just like my heart.
empty room, being single in Bali, feeling
My New Place in Bali, the God island. 
 I arrived at 4 p.m to Bali island rent motorbike and drove by my own to my new place for 2 hours (another 3 hours journey from hometown to fly to Bali) and faced that my room just a dusty empty room without single bed, no pillow, no broom, no mop.. oh no.. i can't sleep on the floor after the amazing tired journey i had. So, in the late night, i hunt for a bed for me, i am the queen, i need to have good sleep please not floor.

The next day, who gonna push my self to fulfill the emptiness of my room? 
Of course my self!
I bought broom, towel hanging, fan, buckets, mop, cleaner and it was just the beginning.
towel hanging, fan, buckets, mop, cleaner and it was just the beginning.
Oh yeah, i am the driver. Solo explorer. 
 Not only that, another day below figure show how strong you could push your self, because you are single.

carry Printer in Motorbike, Bali, Indonesia, journey as solo
Bought second printer for my project and the seller helped me tied the printer to my motorbike. Again i am the DRIVER. haha.. and the result the printer was hang, i couldn't use it and i had to back to the seller again, and pick it up again. What a life! #rollingeyes
Again still another day, the story goes on. 
In my mind for my empty room, i need table and seat so wallah .........

table and seat, chair, drive my own with motorbike in Bali Indonesia
Yes, what you see is A study table and the seat! still i am the driver for that delivery package to my place. perfect day!
sorry motorbike, carry table and seat and other stuff, Bali , Indonesia
The photo from front side, my speed was like 10 km/hour haha.. it drove me crazy when i couldn't be who i am, i am the friend of fast speed :P, my normal speed in motorbike is 60-80 km/hour!! 
Update photo (below) on 17 May 2018, i bought a container and a mirror for my project. As usual, i had to take them to my place again by my own, it was 20 km distance and took me more than an hour to reach my place because i have to be very slow with the fragile mirror, oh mamamia.. 
Very gentle and kind staff in Mitra10 Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai, Bali, Indonesia, home shopping mall
The staff in mitra10 shopping mall helped me packed my stuff. Thanks to you :)
Another update photo on 19 May, 2018. Bought two small yellow seats and Magic com (Rice cooker), I am Indonesian, can't live without RICE... No Rice? oh no no...
Bought rice cooker and two yellow seats in Lottemart, no staff help me :(
Oh Gosh, what is really happening to me? Why does everything seem repeat >.< . this another complicated session, no staff helped me because in Lottemart mall, they won't provide plastic bag and rope. I have to bring everything by my own. How am i supposed to bring rope all the time, do you think i would do suicide or what? I went to Lottemart unplanned and i never thought a big mall like that would not have rope to help customer carry their brand new stuff from their mall to customers' motorbike. Strange! Anyway, i am still could manage it again.

Do you think they are easy job to do? 
I don't think so, because my outfit to pick up those stuffs or my outfit of the day whenever i would face the day in Bali would be like : (check below figures)

full outfit , skiing, Bali, Alpen Mountain, outfit of the day
Yes, Yess.. I am in Bali not going to skiing in Alpen Mountain! But sorry, the sun here is too much biting your skin. You would see locals wear full jacket to protect their skins, if they don't = they are tourists! haha..

Again it's my daily outfit to travel with motorbike Bali, Indonesia
Even tho i wear all the protection with sunblock, my skin burn already.. oh Sun.. thank you for being too shiny, i don't mind if you being cloudy too. haha..
See my outfit above, Bali temperature in daily is 29 degree Celsius, It is hot and my outfit make me even hotter!! (i don't know why i am still single if i am hotter, lol)
So, those jobs above, they aren't easy at all darling. 
Being single is suck but free, you could do insane stuff because you have to. :)

Bonus photos:
jacket, gloves, scarf, mask, sunglasses gone
Inside of my wrapping outfit (jacket, gloves, scarf, mask, sunglasses), would appear my real outfit for tea time or lunch. :P

dark, it's ok, i am cute, i am beautiful, i am sexy
See, even i keep wearing many protection i am getting dark, can you see me there? I hope. 
Ciao Adios.
Deep Condolences for Indonesia because of Idiot Terrorists attack our beloved country. We are not afraid of you disgusting terrorists!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

We are not afraid

We Are NOT Afraid of you, hey Darned Idiot Terrorists!
We Are Not Afraid of YOU, Hey IDIOT TERRORISTS!
F*ck you idiot terrorists!

You killed people just because of whatever your belief. Don't you ever have little thought that pass your brain about your belief ? Which belief teaching you to finish someone's life? Nothing belief like that except yours idiot.

Well, i guess you just don't have brain, hey darned terrorist, let me tell you, your belief and your action is idiot. No heaven or hell accept your action at all. If you want to die, kill your self don't involve the others, idiot!

Deep condolences to all victims in Surabaya churches. 
Republic Indonesia is Fixed, you can't divide us !!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Once Upon A Time Back in Town

Once Upon A Time Back in Town, Salatiga

I know i still have pending stories about Europe and U.K, but i can't help to upload some photos of home sweet town. (Some photos below taken not only in Salatiga).
The photos divided to 4 sections:
1. Cuteness
2. Foodness
3. People
4. Others

1. Let's start from something cute like: 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

All by My Self

All by My Self

Watching this movie on my 7th times or more :)
I still remember i watched it on 2016 in the middle of Western Australia desert, friends of camels but no human.
Today, i just watched in the middle of my parents' big house, alone.

Bridget Jones Diary, is a name of the movie (it has 3 series- and i watched those all of course). Bridget Jones lives in London with society of hers are about family stuff and she still single in her thirties, which is ashamed and sad for her. 

I am pretty sure not only me enjoy this movie, other women has the same situation like her. The biggest scary movie of your life is you are alone without anyone to share your feeling till your number of age growing.... absolutely horror movie! (i am closing my face with face palm now #expression) 
Indonesian way to make this scary horror movie not happen, i would say "amit amit jambang bayi..." (how to read: imeet imeet jumpung biyee) , it is like touch the wood in western way.

In the last series of Bridget Jones Diary, she has happy ending story.
Finger-crossed for anyone. Now, i will back to my imagination white wine, haha.. only bottle of water here at the moment.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Me Marco Polo (Part Prague, Czech Repulic)

Hi, it's me again, yellow jacket Marco Polo, i am in days 39 of winter travelling while writing this excitement journey, and in this time i have a chance to share what was going on in Prague, Czech Republic :)

My heart was beating too fast when i arrived in this country, i have choosen Prague in Czech Republic because of its famous old city with beautiful buildings. I feel like i am a princess back in time to be in this city. They have their own language, their own currency Czech Krona and their own beauty.. waaw...i am in love with this city. 
Czech Krona with the view of Palace around Petrin Tower

10 hours journey from Munich to Prague by Flixbus and arrival at 9 p.m, again got lost because i was blind reading map, haha.. oh poor.. i was roaming in the parking site full of stairs with 15 kgs bag in my back then the end my gut asked police men complete with their firearm guns in the Prague's quite station, their limited English just pointing finger to go outside of station. Out from station was dark, cold, slippery after rainy, tired and heaavvyyyy bag... errr... but all those moments faded and what i did just opened my mouth amazed by the city's beauty in the morning.
No more explanation, let the photos and some videos tell you the wonderful stories there:

Clean city and that orange truck taking care the city rubbish every morning

See, it is clean! You know now because of whom :)

From my hostel i was on the way to visit Prague Eiffel (Petrin Tower) this photo was taken on the way from my hostel to the hill of Petrin Tower.

Old building, Old wall with creativity there

The stairs to go to the hill of Petrin Tower

You know, it was hard for me to climb those stairs? because i was heavy with long jhon, wool sweater, wool scraf and thick winter jacket (yellow!), and three layers of long pants! so i carried maybe 2.5  kilograms of my winter clothes. I think i know how hard to be old as well, i am practicing to be grandma now. No, i won't surrender! Me Yellow Marco Polo ready to see what Prague could offer to this tropical tourist :)

Wallah, see.. like Eiffel tower! And wait till i conquer you tower!

The ticket info. Adult is 150 Czech Krona = 4 euro = 70,000 IDR. i faced the stairs again, if you don't want to be tired could pay charge of 80 Czech Krona

Mmmm... Báječné, Bravo! What a view!
I was very very very very lucky to have view like this! I didn't give a damn about how many many many stairs i've just step, not caring about the cool wind slap my cheeks, i just care the view, all i wanted to stand right here for a moment.. hmm..

If i could smile bigger than this, i really would do it! From Ear to Ear smile for this gorgeous view!
surronding Petrin Tower

St Lawrence Church near Petrin Tower, see.. i could imagine being a princess by only standing here

Finished enjoying Prague from above, i was ready to explore more pleaseeee... i was thirsty of Prague aura! 

Vandalism. Can't say no more,even the wall become artistic but couldn't feel the beauty of it.

It was too spooky to challenge my self, i didn't want to be inside of that cave, perhaps i would be in year 1678? haha..

The Basilica Church Nanebevzeti Panny Marie Na, winter made the church looks cold, i remember about Disney movie Beauty and The Beast
See, it's Beast's Castle in Beauty and The Beast Disney movie (credit photo by Google)

I am a Catholic but don't understand the level of churches, haha.. then my French friend told me, the churches has level from smart church (Chappel), then Church, then Basilica, and the last is Cathedral. Well, Okay but the God still same no matter the place just different size :D
The design of this Nanebevzety Panny Marie Na Basilica Church is fantastic! The Angel guards on the top of the church made it sacred! But don't even close your eyes when you are in St.Vitus Cathedral!!
in the area of Nanebevzety Panny Marie Na Basilica Church, Lion symbol of power. Old time Churches were the leader of the kingdom

Near Nanebevzety Panny Marie Na Basilica Church, there was museum, and it was extraordinary museum, guess? i went to Museum of Miniatures, i ever seen this place in TV program when i was in my home town, and not even i made schedule to come here, just gone with the wind i was inside of this museum! I was speechless, paid around 150 Krona for around 20 minutes inside the museum, just wow! how could someone could make something from something we couldn't see from our eyes! WOW!! How could! it is like in the leg of mosquito the artist made art on it and all you need to enjoy his work is the tool, which is MICROSCOPE!

This is the Microscope, and the art is the white object there, in the next photo you would see what is the object about. You know to get the good photo from Microscope by my phone wasn't easy ! My eyes even still hungry of curiousity how could he made it?

My camera's lens sneak to Microscope's lens. I forgot what were those object but seems they were swan made from tiny iron next to the bug

You know, in the leg of that Mosquito, you would find a fascinating art! I know i would never be Artist! I am just too lazy to make details like that!

What you see ? Needle? Correct! Next photo will open your mouth!
What you see from Microscope's lens? Camels! Yesss..
Where? from the needle that i shown you above! hmm... 
Trust me, it is real needle! 
Group of tiny Camels stuck inside of the needle! haha..

Bacteria size of Eiffel Tower or Petrin tower here

I introduce you the micro-artistic artist: Anatolij Konenko born in Siberia
After Museum, i was heading to the Complex of Prague's Palace . Prague is the largest and capital city of Czech Republic, i stayed in Prague 1 which the size is 5.53 km2 , so i visited almost the tourists attraction only by my healthy happy feet.
I am truly in Prague! How could? I have no idea babe.
Why i am in love with this city, because its beautiful and different, look, whole city's tiles are bricks like these! Old time, who were the people done these road to make the city completely wonderful??? 

Winter oh winter, you are very cold even i tried to be cheer up with my yellow sunshine jacket, but i surrendered by your coldness mood.
Do you see anything in this building on my way to the palace?

The crows were free there

This wall is in Schwarzenberg Palace, it has unique wall, this palace now become museum of Czech baroque paintings, decorative arts & historic weapons in a Renaissance palace.

The palace in front of my eyes! I am a PRINCESS!
The palace complex with firearm polices everywhere and checking point before entering the palace.

I was "opening mouth mood" at St. Vitus Cathedral

My hands was shaking because i was magically there or because it was cold, but this building really really really beautiful! Damn my photo not symetric :( even my video bellow :( i did't feel that i don't deserve to get the photo of the masterpiece building like St Vitus Cathedral :(
I am Theresia Debby Iriani, Me Marco Polo in front of St. Vitus Catheral in Prague! The aura of it made me religious again, haha! 

The map of Palace complex, i did the free sight seeing, i didn't even buy tickets to go inside of those massive buildings in the complex. low budget backpacker here :D (i still have feeling i will back again, [Not alone] for entering the entire buildings #SillyfeelingIKnow)

You aren't in Prague, if you didn't taste Trdelnik, this bread is from the Central European country like Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The rolled dough wrapped around the stick then grilled and you could ask for the inside of the bread, i tried Chocolate, Almond and Original. Mamamiaaaaaaaa......  

The seller that couldn't speak English, this area inside of the Prague Castle, little Christmas market :)

Yuuummm... it was tasty warm in the cold of Prague, for sure for Asian the size of the bread were over! i wrapped it in my anti-rain bag to eat later.

A naughty statue inside of Prague Castle, see, when you were alone, you only could take photo of others. sigh.

The view of Prague 1 from Prague Castle... my eyes getting healthy of the view, i don't need carrot Mama! :D
Romantic city but not for me that time. oh boy!

I would go to that bridge, the famous bridge, i watched few movies with background of Charles bridgeCharles bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century. (source : wikipedia)
The Charles Bridge from 3D Google map

In the Charles Bridge are full of artistic statues. 

Well, they are artistic statuebut i couldn't stand any longer when i see happy couple around! haha!

I have no idea why these statues inside the cell? to make it dramatic or very valuable

Let me guess, the story behind these statues about dracula/vampire? They are carrying Christian Cross for symbol of the belief so the dracula or vampire wouldn't attack! Or were they selling the Cross? :P

Very rude bird! She stands and shit in the same time in the head of honor knight statue!! bad bad bird :)
My expectation of Charles Bridge in winter time (look the cloudy cloud) will be less people and i could see the statues freely, but NOOOO.. see human were everywhere exactly like the statue, damn!
Because i was alone, i was busy looked at funny tourists around

the view from Charles bridge, Legion Bridge, Czech language most Legií.
When the bridge and the statues made my eyes healthier but there were some human statues who sit for hours in winter time for getting coins from the tourists, very sad.
Ok, next page now!
My brain asked my eyes to look at my smartphone and click at Google maps question for:" what is the attraction near me "(near Charles bridge). Then, wallah... Old Town Square! The shoes and my feet took the direction to get there. Old town square in Prague Oldest square in the historic center with 10th-century origins, site of many Gothic buildings.
The view to Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Czech language :Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem, the church has been built in 14th century with Gothic style. I was standing next to Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj, i couldn't see the details because i was short human, but it has 12 apostles will appear as the clock strikes every hour.  The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. (source: Google and Youtube)

The building next to Prague Orloj, Old Town Underground.

Inside of St. Nicholas' Church around Old Town Square. The lux lamp like tiara 0.0

People says, "Come to Europe in winter time, you would be surprised with the decoration". I agreed.

Indeed the decoration is magnificent! The sensation of winter Christmas possessed me.

The coldness and making everyone upset in the winter only the cover like skin, but when it gets dark, the beautiful lights would be there to make you warm till fill in your heart.

Christmas gate in Old Town Square. I would take selfie, but the queue too long and also, i have no one else to ask. haha!
The dolls, well, if i were a kid again, i would think twice to choose them as my doll bed partner ! too scary lol

Here some videos of toys in Prague:

One stall of Christmas market in Old town square

What i bought for my dinner! Chicken satay with bread, the price was 6 euro = 160 czk. The portion was a lot! you could compare my finger and the bread... mmmmm.... i finished it all, because i know in winter i would be hungry easily :P
My eyes were happy with the scene in the daylight, my tummy was happy with lot of food, then this beautiful city still offer me good view in the cold night.
The view from the edge of Mánesův Most road/bridge

Daylight again! You know in winter, the time in Europe is very short from 8 a.m- 4 p.m only. I didn't really care about time, as long as i am in holiday, yay!
An Old door, i don't remember where, blame on my feet. 

The donkeys in front of the Church to make you feel back in time about Christmas.

Could i stay in this city forever please....

I was on the way to see the building Dancing House, could you see it from far?

In Prague, you would not be surprised with Gothic style around the city and it just stand old there.

That interesting building is National Theather . I couldn't enter it that time, i wished to watch any opera inside :) here the site The National Theater.

Could you notice, there is hidden Toilet, yes over there, just don't jump to the river please.

Wallah, Dancing House! No, don't blame on me on taking picture, it is real the building just like absurd art :D

Loner statue near Dancing House. This statue opened in 1960.

In Prague, that day was very windy, thanks God i was heavy enough so i didn't have problem like balloon has.
I decided to spoil my self with Mulled Wine in a cozy warm cafe, Cechov Absintthe Caffe.

The promotion they had was like 5 euro for a croissant and mulled wine, not bad at all, i was craving of croissant for hours! haha! i ordered the same promo for 2 times and i felt warm and relax because of the wine. Life is beautiful.

This cafe had hidden gem, there was underground room for the artistic paintings like those! after 2 cups of wine then the arts around me, wow.. i was flying!

I don't know what is that? just say, it is ART!

I would never say tired roaming roaming in this city. The city is like magnet energy i am the iron :)

The gate to enter Charles bridge, again.

Lenon wall, this wall represent about the freedom of Czech people, you could express your feeling in this wall.

I met this 20 yo young girl (from that has adult mind, she choose not having handphone and be a vegetarian. :) nice to meet you.

She led me to see the narrowest street of Prague! This street lead you to a restaurant with river view.

Do you notice, it has traffic light for the people :) and you should switch it to be green to walk through because it is very NARROW!

What do people do when they are on holiday?
Sleep, Eat, Take a walk, and repeat. So, for me, I had enough sleep, took some walk and time for Czech food!!!! haha..

The menu in the Czech restaurant, Ceska Kuschyne. The restaurant located in the old town square of Prague (the main place for tourists) but the price is like i am not in Prague but in my home town, Indonesia lol..

Indonesian girl are Rice girl so, Rice would be there, Sausage soup and Czech Pork Snitzel style. Yes, Yes, I couldn't finish them all, i tried my best to put all of those food to my belly, i ended up with white flag. Thank you. The total was only 148 Czech Crown, wow! I would be a bear now, just hibernation time.

Whoops the bear is here! Is it lost or what :)

I was very lucky to watch rare celebration in the Prague City Hall. It was celebration of Hannukah,

Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. It is also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication. (wikipedia)

The important peoples are there from the Prague ministry, The head of a religion, etc, etc, i didn't pay attention, sorry.

The light would set to be on by those important people

The lights are on now!

When the lights were on, the Jews singing together and enjoy the video below :)

Back to my hostel and i need beer ...
2 glasses of the beer, it's equal of deep sleep.

Another Daylight again!
I found Ice Skating Ring in the town :)

The area for shopaholic, not for me thanks.

I met this lovely girls (Judith and Elisa), nurses from Netherland! We were in the same hostel and they love party!!! Of course, if i heard PARTY , my brain couldn't control the chaos of my blood say YES YES YES!!

We were enjoying glass of coffee, juice and for me (beer, haha) and that shape of bread on every single table were tempting. But the restaurant didn't put any sign on it " is it for free or pay?", so i asked because i really want to bite it and 1 small bread like 2 euro! No, thanks i changed my mind to bite it haha!

In Europe, if you eat in restaurant they expect you for giving tips for the waitress. Based on experience, you could give the tips if you are happy with the service.

Thank you Lisa for taking photo of me, i did enjoy the moment.

I took them to hunt The Cubist Lamp in Prague and wallah i was there. It is the only one lamp like that shape in Prague.

The funny thing, when you see it in google maps, it will show open 24 hours! Yes of course! It just a lamp :D

Then Judith, Elisa and Me were roaming to the naughty part of the city, SEX Machine MUSEUM, aww!! They had free game to see are you good enough on the bed or not? and here my video ( i was too nervous, because i don't want to be in the level of frozen, haha!)

Damn, i missed the photo about there was 1 shop with different size of condoms, the variety of the condoms are cute! from the shape and the taste, yum.. hahaha! i remember 1 taste is cannabis taste, whoaa.. 

In Prague, some restaurants will have the symbol of this guy. We were questioning "who is he?". Then stranger gave explanation he was funny guy in the army and like to make food, perhaps army's chef. 

Visiting small cafe next to my hostel, Creperie U Kajetána restaurant. Almond Trdelnik and beer seems perfecto that night. 

No, i was not alone. 

I was still hungry and Pizza was not bad.

40 Czk for slice of Pizza could warm me up before the party!

Yippie i am in the Party Baby!
We were in the Ice Pub Prague, The design of the club was cool, Block of ices around. It has some level with different music that you could choose. The entrance fee was 250 Czk and 50 Czk for jacket counter for keeping your heavy winter jacket.

The DJ was machine! 

Naah, the real human DJ was behind that machine somewhere. I saw him bored played the music because the dancers paid attention to the machine not him :( sorry.

I got your face young man! No sorry, for spill my beer huh?! Rude kid!


We kept smiling because of alcohol or camera, no idea. Before those smile, we were fighting with the crazy man in the club, OMG, good that he has expelled by the security.

Thank you Elisa and Judith, my journey in Prague was completely perfect! I was in love with this city and had party was part of my list too!

We got back to hostel at 2 a.m and i had to wake up at 6 a.m to prepare catch the train Regiojet to take me to another beautiful country, Austria. It was tough morning for me, i almost miss my train just 7 minutes before the train left and i was lost inside of narrow train full of human with my 15kgs bag, Oh my back!!! I sit in the first class but i should have mirror that i am backpacker, of course i will be in economy class! I was in 1st coach but my truly coach was number 6, I wouldnot tell you how could i get to my coach, It took too much energy even to imagine it, haha..

The station in Czech Republic (the view from RegioJet train)

The village in the Czech Republic on the way to Austria. The story of Austria to be continue..

Czech Republic has 22 districts (the details from wikipedia) and i stayed in Prague 1 district as it is the main touristy place and I was satisfied enough for staying 4 days in Hostel Little Quarter.

I am very lucky to be here.

Thank you.