Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 more step

~~ Coding ~~

Stuck in coding,
Can't singing,
I know everything gonna be okay.
No more doubt. Need help please :)


~~Coding almost solve~~
 Coding are almost Solve because of my humble Friend, Ramos Somya, S.Kom. Thanks Friend :)
You are the Best!! also my caring cyber friend Mr. Aryo Pinandito that always give me good solution, Thanks Pak, saya masih berhutang Ice Cream pada Bapak :D.

Need Updating,
I know i can make it, A lot of Good People around me. Thank God Cs.

24 Nov 2010,
Yeaaaah!!!!!!! Update Work!!
all Happened because God cs' Hands when i got email from Bp. Aryo P in Ramos' room. wow...
amazing.... Wonderful day to face with coding again. Fixing. Love you all world. I am sure to collect my Research at 3 Dec 2010 i got new inspiration from my friend, Jackson Kurus.
He said, "Whatever will happen, we should go Forward!!!"
I like his passion... really. Inspiring me.
Thank God cs for every way that you showed me, always. Thanks.

tanya Forum-27Nov2010
ooh... correction one by one, unfinished yet.... oh,
"SELECT SUM(jumdbd_08) AS wijxj6 FROM tb_kel_Sura WHERE gid IN(1,3,12,11,10,23)";
Coding coba saja