Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damn Scammer!

I was fool! I got scammer lied to me! Aargghh..
I found his blog from google, but I didn't notice about the date he publish his article! It was 2008 !! I just believed his rules, no COD (Cash on Delivery), transfer by Bank, confirmed transfering money and done, but... damn. My bad! Trust everything easily.
Transfer receipt to 'Damn Scammer'!
It was transaction to help my friend got cheaper mobile phone, black market stock. I am so sorry David :(, Thanks for your understanding. It is lesson, we should Learn for next time.

Link of the scammer:

Hope everybody can beware and more becareful about the DAMN scammers.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Hair Style

Long time ago when I was young, I was thinking to look after my hair till loooong like wave! I am happy to have that,
Feel so feminine with long hair! Haha..
Nowadays I feel need refreshment, 
At evening time, went home I walked through the darkness and kept searching barber shop that almost closed! 
I said goodbye to hairs on the floor and accepted new one, new hair style of dbee curly.

Hello you!
I know it is unimportant posting but I Like keeping memorize of things that happen around me. ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Ivan

Dear Ivan,

My nice friend in far away distance, Spain. 
commo estas?  
A friend who always emails me EVERYDAY for any motivations!!
A  friend who always visits my silliness blog >.<, gracias! 

Gracias for any wishes and your smile too, now my turn to say, keep cheer up dear Ivan! When you feel so down, remember will be up too, life is alike a wheel :) 
Every big steps begin from small steps, and small step as usual not easy, but believe in you that you can pass it, okay :) so you can pass it!
Lot of flowers you send me, i keep this one ;) Be bright like those tulips ya :D



Meet up in Carrefour

This story between 2 persons, we can call the guy, Tono and the girl is Anny.
Once upon a day Tono installed his Android smartphone with application to call anybody around the world randomly. He tried many times to choose numbers and caught a unique number xxx7878 and he tried to call this number even the user didn't answer it, but he kept trying. Finally, a day the user of that unique number answered his calling, and conversation started. The conversation between them was full of misunderstanding, but it didn't matter, at least Tono knew the name of the girl, Anny and he could whatsapp her anytime.
Anny is a welcome person and easily trust anybody even a stranger, it is always her bad. They did chit chat via whatsapp while they busy with their own business of vacations.
Anny's vacation - Uuwatu, Bali

Monday, October 14, 2013

Unique Views on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, a lovely day to start every steps a head. I wore big t-shirt with torn short pants, haha.. i like that kinda rebel pants, but noone in my family do. My mind was curious to walk through houses and finding a minimarket to get bottle of milk and bread.
 shopping to stay alive! Eggs, Anti mosquitoes lotion, Superman Chocolates-remind me when i was kiddo, Milk, Bread, noodle, noodle, and noodle again >.<

Anyway the story about the result of my shopping not too important, the nicest things i got

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Sat Night

just a sharing from a pretty girl that feeling alone sometimes,
 sitting in sevel (Seven Eleven), relaxing because she gets bored easily in comfy room that she rents per month. Snacks and water accompanies her night.
Bon appetite!
Sevel become colder more over night come! even she wears nice sweater that so cute with her flowerish skirt. Any persons who sit near her were alone too, but one by one their mate come to pick them. She is alone again with headset in her ears, she is cheering her self.

 It is just Another Saturday Night @Setiabudi Sevel.

A dot country in My Eyes

sky from Air Asia window's
I went to the small country, just a dot in map but has very blink blink magnet to attract many tourists to come. This country was sophisticated, i looked parks, cafes, hotels, apartments, traffics, road, MRT and citizen were so neat, near each others, clean, fast. I can imagine how good the goverment manage its country.
Clean country

It is only dot in map, no land, flats anywhere!

I told to my friend who was my host there, 'something missing in this country.' He said, 'no beggars here....' . That's it! No beggars! A very rare view where i couldn't see in my country :p
I stayed in a cozy, quite place, one old place there which Chinese residents around, Tiong Bahru.
cozy place, peek from hotel's view

I found many very tasty Chinese foodsiin Tiong Bahru area, aww...