Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Break Through the Wind

Again, I am on journey, a Solo. A place came out to my mind and I just want to feel the breeze of the wind in that place. My destination is Dieng Plateau where everybody talks about Golden Sunrise and the temples, a place of Goddess land. Then I hope, I can visit Sukuh temple in Karang anyar city, I am so curious about it, a temple like in Mexico, the Inca temple.
On the train, meet strangers, smiling, listening what they share about, hearing never ending crying baby, worrying about my bag pack that far from my hand reach and enjoying views from the window since dark till the sunrise comes, nice moment.
This journey will be another secret from people around, lazy to answer every questions and advices that can influence my decisions. Some close friends say I am crazy, walk alone, not afraid of what will happen as a girl.
Break through the wind mood is in my blood already, I love to move, feel so dynamism.
Will see where else I will be, break through the wind.