Sunday, November 12, 2017

Anyone can be Anyone

Too sweet in other side, too bitter to be real (source photo :Google)
Anyone can be Anyone, and internet is a place to create your imagination to be come true.  I write this topic because in Indonesia at the moment, there is trending topic about a girl in West Java that had relationship (let me make it clear, virtual relationship) for a year with a guy in East Java. This relationship is doing great for a year and both of them not meeting in real life yet only sharing photos. The guy made her sure that he is a really prince charming for her, his making story of his bright future background with looking good face as well. Until the girl came to guy's city because the guy gave the reason that he was sick and needed her to be beside him. 
Wallah, she set her schedule and came far away by the train with i am sure loaded heart beating to meet adorable handsome guy as she knew him for a year by the photos.
You must be Mine, but.. wait! continue the story
Of course you know the ending, if it's trending topic then something wrong is happening! The guy came innocently with his different "from the photos" face picked her up from station, took her to somewhere and dumb her! What the....

She reported this case to the police and guess what our police set him FREE!

For your information her place in Banten West Java to Tulungagung East Java is 848 km, approximately she spent her time to meet her fake lover for the journey around 17-20 hours! 

The culprit! Very ugly heart
It doesn't matter with his appearance (pffft..kinda), but his lie, wow.. CRUELLY UNACCEPTABLE MAN! I really feel the girl. 
Now my time to tell my own, I had the same situation when i was too naive long time ago in 2012-2013.
I spent same like her, more than a year knowing Indian charming guy with very fluent English conversation, named Riju Menon. I couldn't imagine my self become a slave of sweet words from internet world. More than a year we chatted over yahoo messenger. Anyone can be anyone, he told me that he works in Dubai, head manager of oil industry, having beautiful luxurious car and My fault was i believe on his marvelous background stories. Oh, almost forgot, he shared his face as handsome as this:
Indian actor
The good looking Riju Menon that i had known for a year! Then how could i know he is fake? i found out accidentally from youtube video link somewhere the photo is belong to pritviraj sukumaran, an Indian actor, thanks to you youtube
What a VIRTUAL YELLOW  FLOWER, was my favorite!
 He dare to send me virtual flowers day by day, because i let him to do it. 
What A JEEP from showroom car must be
Do you think i believe that he has that JEEP car (up)? No! Because i believed that he had Maserati one as he mentioned in the beginning, He forget what he said to me earlier but it was a sign Theresia Debby that he is a liar, but i was a fool letting him continue to be "Anyone".

Riju Menon said he is the black T-shirt
I don't know the photo of Riju Menon is the Black t-shirt guy or the bald guy or neither two of them. I don't know that i was an idiot talking to imaginary guy whom belong to a wife with 5 children behind the computer curtain perhaps. 

I feel sorry to my self to waste my time for a liar. I want my story to be awareness to the others. Anyone can be anyone. "Stay safe" (a simple quote but not easy).

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sia Back to The Past

Sia, her head back to the past when she visits a house, the house gives many memories.
The memories bring her to some stories behind things she sees.
She sits in the white line chair, the chair has the past time warmness moments.
She stands in the backyard, the yard had some movements before.
She enters to the chicken smell kitchen, it was the best part of the house that has bread aroma.
The bed where she sleeps very peace now, it used to have creaky shaky sound that Sia proud of.
Sia's heart begs to head to cease back to the past, please.. the sense is over..
Sia prefers to be amnesia than the past if she could make a wish to the universe.

*don't bother, my mood because of rain making weirdo melodrama words
Happy weekend -2 months to 2018!

My Neighbor Getting Married

I got invitation to my neighbor's marriage today, 4th Nov 2017. Indonesian marriage always based by religion, don't care you Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindus or Kong Hu Chu believers, you can't marry in Indonesian if you don't have any religion.. oh my my.. don't tell me why. After religion finished, then you could process your documents to civil a.k.a Government of Indonesia. I have checked and did researched to some countries (Australia, New Zealand, U.S, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand) they could have marriage only by civil marriage, religion based is not the priority. 

So my neighbor and my childhood friend named Yuli (the Groom) have married Ria (The bride), they are Christians but mostly our neighbors are Muslim :) , we respect each others ceremonial, i will show you the video, where the song of wedding ceremony was very loud, but my neighbors' faces were flat :)) haha.. 

The session was got the blessing from the God through the Priest and become one soul, each others promises to take care even in happiness or sorrow.
She says " I do... "
The next step is, asking blessing from both parents of Bride and Groom with kneeing position (respecting the parents pose).
Kneeing to Groom's parents , the head next to my camera is Mom's Bride :)

As usual they would cry each others , but i know its happiness tears.
So, here we go, i will show you another video of how to get the blessing from parents :)

The last part of ceremonial is release 2 pigeons, i have no idea the symbol of what those 2 pigeons released, welcome to the jungle or what?
again the video of them releasing freeee pigeons:

I bet, the pigeons' mind were chaos like, "what the hell these people shouting about? are you sure we are OK now dude?"
You must see the anxious faces of the pigeons :))

all done, what the guests do? Food time! the tradition, the guests have to come to the food, choose which ones you like , eat and back home full tummy :)

Foodies time, the girls serve the guests
i choose, simply Rice and soda water, oh wait, you can't find alcohol here, the party is Indonesian, not western :) 85% the beverage are soda and water #grin.
Simply food i want, i could get more and more, but at the moment i am not zombie :D
 Time for dbee_curly the silly journalist took photo with the couple, and damn smart of the photographer. 
Whoops, i asked the photographer Potrait please, but he got me!

Yippie.. Happy Wedding guys, i hope the babies you make won't be too many, Indonesia population is too too too MUCH!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Home Town Foodies

I am back to home town, Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. a small, quite and peaceful city that become a place for me to hide from rush.

What i missed from this place, i could say the foodies, my tongue get used with Indonesian foods especially Javanese food. When i stayed in Australia a year ago, nothing else wants me to back to home town only the food.... i am a zombie .... crawling of foooooddddd...

Zombies eating the balls? haha.. the balls were made by tapioca flour and ketchup dressing, as simply as that!
 My papa tried to peel Bali Oranges , i would give the explanation through wikipedia , in English called Pomelo.
Ignore his fatty tummy! Jezz.. haha

No. no.. it is not a heart of human body or even a BRAIN, it's part of Bali Orange, fresh from our garden. Yum!
here we go the explanation about what i ate :P
Finally, i want to show you "Nasi Gurih Ayam Pojok", In English "Tasteful Chicken Rice Which the Shop in the Corner", damn English could you be simply like Indonesian. haha..  This particular breakfast only can be found in the corner of Salatiga City only at 6.30 am-9 a.m, oh could you imagine what time i should set my alarm to get this special foodie? bahaha...

Nasi Ayam Pojok per portion less than US$1

Simply tiny place in the corner of the city, but it is like hidden treasure you know ;)

Peek a boo with the granny named Mul
Granny Mul (the owner of "Nasi Gurih Ayam") who has sold since 28 years. wow.. but her place still tiny like that, why? 
wondering why KFC already has many branches ? Maybe coz KFC already 87 years. Ok Granny Mul, you need to be patient to have many branches :P