Monday, September 2, 2013

Life Paper

It's been long time i didn't exist in this online paperless story, blog. I am in the city of nowhere, cozy, dawn, no rush, warm sunshine react to my skin, birds are so talkative next to me, i can hear water from nowhere river, chip munk look for food and bottle of beer last night.

I met nice strangers around, humble tourist who has long beard, lol. People come and go without permission, they have their own story in their life papers, some very tragic, some very flat, some end with good ending. It is journey.
Like my life paper, when my friend was crying about broken heart stuff, a woman called me 'b*tch!', when my life is like a seismograph can be so down or up quickly, i will always say everything is alright to some people just to disappear their worries, multiply lies happening. When hoping is the last energy that i have, unpredictable things happen through many ways. When the dreams come randomly like chaos, in reality i get good news.
Paper life, i have pen, pencil, crayon, no eraser or type-x to create dramas and will end wonderfully and magically.

Let's draw!

Pic (Nowhere place) was taken in Puncak. (Novus Puncak Hotel)