Sunday, December 17, 2017

Me Marco Polo (Part Belgium)

Theresia's story to Netherland (Amsterdam) from Indonesia to be continued to country Belgium. In the last minute before her arrival, because of connection, she has acquaintance from college time, Ditha, a beautiful young mommy with lovely baby who lived in village of Belgium. Lucky me Marco Polo and my story begin again,
oh, i should warn you that my post will content too many photos of my self, sorry for that disturbing materials, haha.. i was too glad because i have Ditha for my photographer!

Look how beautiful is her house! She calls it Ditha's hotel and i agreed!

True i am in Belgium's village St. Niklaas

Please help me as a villager, i had no idea how to switch on this stove! i checked in google, still can't help it :(
How sophisticated Europe stove #BigEyes, i wonder where they hide the gas? or wood?
Ditha served dinner for me, how lovely she is
 Ditha took me to Ghent, one of big city in Belgium,

The Baloons make my move perfecto man... and Ditha borrowed me her red jacket, so my photo will not always yellow.. haha thanks to her! for information her Ugg shoes from Australia is very comfy!! 

Asian girls are too tempting!

We are Sala Thai 3 girls! 
Old buildings around #ignore me its ok :)

I have no idea what is that, our time was limited in Ghent, so we were there just for few hours walking photo tour but i lovedddd it!

True, Belgian Beers are thousand brands!

I am speechless to see the view of old buildings like those and very clean canal.. 

Don't ask me, what's the name of this building :) i bet inside it also amazing

Boat away

Frame captured from Mc Donals' window

I am the sister of the knight!

Food stall in Ghent, cash only

4.40 euro Carbonara! My favorite dish anywhere ;)

"EEKLO" in bus destination
We captured it and laughed together, because in Indonesian means "Your Shit"

No, it's not 2 euro coin, but very yummy Belgian Chocolate! Gosh, drool..

a building in Antwerp

Aww... i found you RICE! it was way too expensive, because they measure the weight of the food! and my food was 7 euro something, thank you very very much Ditha for your treat, very very appreciate it. will pay back in Salatiga our hometown.

hug me Papa bear!
 Then, i came to Brussels to catch bus to Munich, Germany and i got lost in Brussels and gone with the wind angrily because of my maps not helping me at all.
Statue in Brussels, why i feel that the horse look at me?

Castle voor Schone Kunsten, correct me

Don't ask me, where is this photo taken, i am lost! haha

Good night Brussels, you are cool..
 until now, I don't know why i become Me Marco Polo. The story still going..

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