Saturday, November 23, 2013

Live your Dream

I do blog walking and found this nice video to share.
Inspiring words inside,

Travel often,
Getting lost will help you find your self.

Live your Dream.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bali's A Gift To Mama

Dear Mama,

I just wanna say thank you, you are so great to me, so patient bear me and very rare I see you get angry, you always and always can control your self, you are so strong but soft. Once day, I heard you were curious about Bali, I've heard an idiom, 'You aren't Indonesian, if you haven't come to the Goddess island yet, Bali!!'
So, I decided that day, Bali is a gift for your B'day Mama in 2013! It is a must for me.
And I made it! I was really really satisfy to see your smile, Mama.

here we go, 
memories of Bali,
Jimbaran Beach

Kecak Dance

Cycling Moment!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting Fever

I am getting fever. I hope I get fever love, but naah.. it is really really sick. I can't control the heat of my self, feeling cold outside but hot inside, what a balance! I can't stand with any pain like this, I took one tablet of paracetamol and really depend on it. Suddenly, while feeling weird in my body, I'm thinking somebody else who get cancer or unusual disease in their body, must be the pain hundred or even more than me, I started to cry thinking about that.
One of My friend said, sometimes crying could heal your pain and I agree with that, the pain is still there just makes you relax a bit.
This posting just to make me stay calm and I am looking for distraction of the this little pain.

I should say thank you thank you to universe while I am healthy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mr. Ice Cream

I got boring day syndrome today, 
Not much to do in office without boss there, waiting for hours always killing me softly. I need to grow up my soul again with something cold, my head was too hot with many stuff!
On the way home, I met him, 'Mr. Ice Cream'
Mr. Ice Cream

5000 IDR = 5 Cent USD/ cup
I am curious, he works more than 8 years, I am damn sure, but he just still like that, nothing change, old cart, same taste of ice cream,maybe he needs new innovation so he will be different and great. But, he seems just does what he does now, ages eat him till he doesn't realize again that time goes fast without permission. Spooky moment to face with time.

Anyway thanks Mr. Ice Cream, I am cool now.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Interesting conversation between one of my gf from Line app, we chit chat many things as usual, then suddenly she did new subject,
'Kamu uda ga nakal kan?' (You haven't been a naughty - 'Nakal' girl anymore, have you?)

Me : What's the meaning of that 'Nakal' for all of sudden?
She : doing clubbing.
Me : Is clubbing 'Nakal'?
Then, strikely I replied her,
Me : Honestly, I am what I am now. If I am comfortable with what we called 'Nakal', I dont mind, just my time to be 'Nakal' sometimes dear :)

I know her feeling, she knows me when I was too innocent to say, I was very blind of world, just sit and hope too much. Now, people say about 'open minded' and I am learning about it. I really don't know why I am become like this, but as I know I am enjoying to be like this, even I will feel guilty 'cause I need to hide from the small world around me, who I am now.

Sorry to say dear friend, I am still 'Nakal'.

* Nakal = Naughty