Saturday, September 17, 2016

I Live In Heaven!

Live is choices!
You just don't know, are you choosing the good one or bad? Just try.

I might think i live in heaven! ( after watching "Book Thief" movie with my 3rd bottle of beers)
I am the superstar of my own drama..

Live in somewhere with painful sprained thumb in my right hand till feel painly difficult to type this blog, still nothing compare to the feeling of explosion war next to your wall.

So, i cant keep my mellow drama behind, but i could choose to keep cheer up coz i live in heaven!

Desert in Western Australia ( still with sprained right thumb! Ouch..)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Weekend In The Desert

Again.. :)
I passed another weekend in this desert of Western Australia!
All you can do in this quite and peaceful place are:

1. Knowing your self better

I know i amnot Alcholic... errr on weekdays

2. Keep positive thinking "How lucky you are"
Yeah, i am so lucky ever tasted Balls of CAMEL! whaat???

3. Admiring the nature and surrondings detail
Hmm.. today the sky is feeling blue

Why are you sweating beautiful flowers? :P

Wait.. how strong that old car driving thousand kms!

4. Be your self or anyone is up to you! 
Ja..ja.. i could be the participant and the judge it self of my own imperfect cooking :P

Judge: Just a soup, not bad, rate 3 of 5!

Participant: Just the soup with capsicum omellete  and served with rice! Judge: Ok, rate 3.5 of 5 ....

Participant: my simply preparation of oriental Fried rice

Judge: It is totally.... NOT BAD ;)


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Extraordinary "The Zoo"

Hey again, i am still here, living in outback life!

In the middle of nowhere, i would just do wonderful activity like, WATCHING TV all the time! :P

Watched Bridget Jones' diary and sang "All by My Self".. jeezz i feel you Bridget!

I make improvement that i have more friends just wonderful ones like these,

Dixie 10 yo, Mayley 2.5 yo, Chilli 13yo (left to right)

Ok, now focus to the title "Extraordinary The Zoo",
Why extraordinary? Let's follow my path finding the extraordinary ones!

My shoe will always feel thirsty of new step

Tadaaaa.. This is it! The Zoo :)
Bunch of Rocks that have shape like animals, depend on your imagination too.. haha.. what's your mind saying?

Oh wow! I find 1 elephant with tattoo zoo too

How strong this giant turtle Galapagoss!

Kissing monkey? 

Alright time for riding Rhino! Or buffalo? Yeehaaaa..

Oops, The sun ask me to go back home coz it will be dark cold night soon.. 

Happy weekend from "the Zoo" in somewhere of Western Australia.