Sunday, January 15, 2012

She Next to Me

Knowing she is next to me, really make me feel save, comfortable with that.
My wish to make her happily ever after, i hope God could hear my pray for her.
Our destiny to be one relationship, sisterhood.
Mie Tarik Maaang~~
When we are growing up, we still do crazy things and too much crazy planning.
Jakarta, before New Year of 2012, Ancol- Dunia Fantasi
It was very awesome with you my dear, have fun, laugh, no hungry just laugh :)
Musical Concert, Fountain, Kora-kora, Alap-alap, ontang anting, Kaila adventure =)) totally fun hahahaha.. i can laugh by my self if i remembered that moment, Journey to the earth, Hysteria, Roller Coaster, Arung Jeram, What else ya? all games already we played except bom bom car, no time for that. haha..

Then we went to Sentul with family,
Fireworks on New Year captured in camera, even i got diarrhea. lol.

At least but not last, Sushi time.

Eat for Japanese food. She was so exited before she taste it in her mouth. hahaha..
Then suddenly when sushi already in her mouth. her expression: Eww..., what ketchup is it? , no more eat like this, i am so glad if u ask me to go to simple place to eat simple rice and small fish (Nasi Kucing).

i can't stop laugh that moments so so really like i was taste Sushi at first time :D

But yeah now, i like Sushi. nice you know :P

Really dear Fransisca Kusumaningrum, my beloved sister, Cha2. Nice you are next to me :D
Tweeling :)