Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sabato Sera

Vado a centro per nuova visualizzazione. Mangio cibo Cinese, in ristorante 'Din Tai Fung', significa 'Ding = Vendemmia Tai=Grande Fung= Forte'.

Il mio fidanzato supporto mi in ogni casi. Grazie il mio amore Tono!

Pasific Place caso

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Incontraro Nonna in sognare

Mi manchi nonna troppo. Oggi, sogno di te. Io muoio e incontraro con tu. Sono molto felice!! Io so dove tu rimani.. io gioco con tu, tu sei ancora stessa una molto bella e simpatica nonna.

I miss you so much granny, half of my happiness just gone when you've gone. In my dream, i died just to meet you, and i don't mind if i had to repeat it again.
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Something New!

Nowdays i am learning 3 different languages, Arabic, Mandarin & Italy. I wanna improve my dull brain become active again and i love new things to learn,indeed it is something BRAND NEW!! Lol.. So, this blog has appeared because i wanted to be well in English, now i will do the same with some posting.. will try to use different languages i have learnt (maybe not yet for Arabic.. even the teacher gave up for me, she was confused where had to start to teach me, the most difficult language in the world!! Hope my bf isn't a difficult person in the world tho, lol). Okay, enough for opening greeting, let's improve my brain! (Anyway reader could use translate application by clicking which language you want to be translated, it is on the above right of this blog, the app will appear only for desktop view)

我 是 语言 课程 的 学生 在 Jakarta. 我 的 朋友, 叫 Ding Ming Hui, 她 是 中国 人。我们 都 玩 在 Thousand island, Tidung island! Ding 同 Antony, 她 的 男 朋友。 我 同 的 妹妹, Cha cha!

Cha2 和 我

我, Ding 和 Antony, 我们 都 got sunburnt 和 变 Excotic!! 哈 哈 !

高兴 Posed!

Silly Posed! 哈 哈。。

Action Posed!

Yeaayy.. 我 飞。。。。我 如 鸟。。

I was dying, couldn't swim well.. sigh.. Swimming lesson is a must for me too!

Real dying.. Tiredness on the boat, 哈 哈。。

谢谢 每个人。。我 很 高兴。。
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hunting for Free Drinks in Jakarta

Thursday night is always Ladies night, lucky day for ladies genre to get free drinks in couple of bars in Jakarta. As i know bars which provide free drinks are Burgundy, Grand Hyatt Hotel (free drinks at 8-10 pm) and Red Square in Arcadia Senayan (start free at 10 -12 pm).

Test New App

This app called Bloggeroid, I write from this app, will try to upload pic too.
Let's see how it works!

Testing upload pic
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eyang I Miss You Too Much

Eyang = Granny...

I miss you too much!
What to do?
How could you leave me behind?
How could you let my tears falling unstoppable while remembering you?
How could?!

I wanna Run To You...
Tell me will you stay or will you?

Ya, you have runaway.. far. Unreachable. It is unbearable eyang... 
How could?!

I still remember how sweet your smile,
How warm your hugs,
How lovely your kiss in my cheeks,
How excited your stories,
Your tea making, always and always be my favorite!
Soto, your hand made traditional food was the best in my life! 
How could eyang, 
You leave me like this??!!!

It is so pain eyang...
I hope you will be happy there, but.. how about me, the one who miss you too much?
Tell me please, help me..
What to do?

Do you know, you are so beautiful eyang? I miss you!

Again you were busy making tea for family?! 

So, next year i have to ask bless from who? Tell me eyang?!

When i arrived in this room, i wished i had only nightmare. But, No.

This box took you far from me...

Good bye Eyang.