Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taman Suropati, Jakarta

Hey there,
i miss to do coloring to this blog again. it was such a missing piece. My thumbs are feeling itchy of clicking alphabet letters from lovely Samsung Galaxy Note 3 given by my beloved one. 
Almost 4 years i have been in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Pheeww.. indeed i couldn't feel it has become this long. When i was here for few months, as a villager, i collected info, what to see in this city, what to do and don'ts. 
Yeah, i remembered i really wanted to visit a beautiful park in the center of the city since almost 4 years ago, in that book shown that every weekend, you would get some group playing and practising violin. 
Then, the day came! In a purpose i visited that park in a long way by full of people on the bus! Taaa raaa... Suropati Park, Taman Suropati! True, it is beautiful especially when you sitting with some birds and melodies of violins come through your ears. 

Wallah.. please check out the short video i put:

What to say about this moment, universe is playing our feet & soul to be wherever as you want to be. So, make wishes :)

Suropati is a National hero of Indonesia, a Balinese and fighting from Dutch colonialism, here a story : story & history Untung Suropati

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Culinaries with Habibie

Happy days when my beloved bf came to be with me, culinaries are one of our main activities. Why do i post something like this? Just for my memoir and could be reference to others. Happy is about the presence and the moment.

Valentine gift muahaha

Luquor Chocolate

Burger Blenger @Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. Cheap, big burger and yummy!

Very cold Heineken

Pot of Arabian cuisine

Tadaaa... biryani rice

Bastila (not his term of Bastila, but i liked them)

Mama Rosy Kemang, cozy, always full of customers and nice place!

Ambience at Mama Rosy - painting galleries


Amigos Bar & Resto, foods were good and the place are nice!

Amigos menu, delish one!

Another amigos menu

Abu Nawas Resto, Arabian cuisine. My fav Bread and Humus!

Eating mandi and biryani with hands! What a lovely dinner

The Queen Bar, very artistic interior inside

Still interior of The Queen Bar


Greek cuisine


Me & chef of Greek cuisine

Wonderful taste of Raspberry - passion fruit mousse cake from Paris Sucre pastry

Smoked Chicken sandwich from Paris Sucre delivery for b'fast! Yumm..

Delivery Solaria resto

Smoked crab Cendrawasih Lebak Bulus

Wallah.. fatty couple of the month! I feel free of posting those photos, can't be more greedy than this. I got lovely days with him. I am happier person, those photos shall make me wiser :)
Have a great day all :)

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