Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mbok Jamu

Mbok Jamu!
Mbok : called for old a woman
Jamu : Tonic Made of medical herbs

That 'mbok' have name, Marti, Mbok Marti.
She is from Solo city, Central Java.
She have sold 'Jamu' since 1986! Yay, i must be still in heaven queue to fly to earth!! Lol
She sell Jamu, go around from house to house by her strong tiny feet and lifts those bottles of Jamu!
How strong she is, i am curious if i did what she does, might be my back bones gonna felt like s***.

I usually order 'beras kencur'
'kunir asem'
Still have many things jamu, from bitter like 'bratawali' till sweet like beras kencur.

Jamu Can make human's stamina better, can release tiredness, good menstruation for women, etc.

:) thank you, mbok jamu!

Aki Jasman

An old man, i call him Aki (Sundanese language for Grandpa). His name is Jasman, he sells 'Kue Harum Manis', the translation become Sweet Smell Good Cake!! Sound funny in English!

He started his business become 'Kue Harum Manis'  in the last 3 years. He was a Laborer before Becoming seller. Now he is 76 yo. He is native from Bandung.

Now, let's talk about what is Kue Harum Manis?
It's like snow, when you put it in your mouth, it will disappear and left only sweet!
The raw ingredient is from 'Beras Ketan' - Sticky Rice. Aki Jasman always make it in the afternoon and will be ready served in it's cans in next afternoon.

I like it, sweet and gone! And you will want more, More, more!
You know what, you can buy 'up to you' give him money, he will serve you, you can buy just only 2000 IDR! (For comparasion, 1 USD = 10000 IDR).
You can find him, @Taman Tanah Abang III, every day except Wed, Sat and Sun at 11-15.00.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Night at The Museum

I love unique events, this event was so unique for me, from the Community named Komunitas Historia Indonesia, Community of Indonesian's History.
When every weekend, people choose to go to Mall or clubbing at night, this community asked people to know better of history through museum!
Night at Museum!

i love the idea!
so, i was be Wind!
i registered for a week before the event was held, and very lucky me to be chosen person to be there (fyi, this event was limited edition, when you registered, you had to write your motivation why you the community had to choose you :D )

here some photos i have captured from 'Bank Indonesia Museum'
Museum Bank Indonesia

Beauty Building
Great Lovely Museum at Night
A Photo in Exhibition

An Painting Exhibition

Petite Me!
i met new friends from this event, and i got someone to take pic of me. haha.. that's what i needed!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Cakes

That Sunday, i prepared to go to 'Pasar Subuh' - Very Morning Market.
My mission was to find 'Sweet Cakes' !!

yeah, i found them!!
Tiny mini sweetie Cakes :D

Well, when you feel any bitter stuff around, you need sweetness to make your life balance :)

I still can feel the sweetness, i am curious, the cakes must be made by love!!

Happy Cakes!

Here some shots i have captured :

Monday, June 17, 2013

Peek & Seek for Rainbow

MoRAIN everyone!
Unexpected hard rain in Monday morning!
Feels like stuck but i like the breeze between Rain,
Speak through heaven water.
Make people waits for their chit and chat between water,
Make people scold and get hurry when it shows up,
Make people admire it within its beauty,
Some hates it, because allergic,
This beautiful Rain in Monday Morning will pass and i think Rainbow for the ending, sounds perfect!
Peek & Seek for Rainy effect,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Es Campur

Es Campur ~ Mixed Ice
Taste, soooo sweet!
Mixture of syrup, sugar, seaweed, cincau, slices of avocado, jelly, jackfruit and Ice.
Cool ~~

Pic took @SCBD, Energy Building cafetaria
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Long Way to Run

Yeah, right!
How do you feel if suddenly in front of you were a Race?!
All you have to do is just Run, Run and Run.
You don't know the end,
Until tiredness is your closer companion.
Sweating, burn skin, thirsty couldn't stop you to run, you just want it over, but the race have never ending line.
It's long way to run...
Words blow up in my mind again after seeing this pic.
Pic I took at Epicentrum area.
A bright sunshine it was, smiled at me :)
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