Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kenawa Island, Really a Private Island!

Jumping map, from Jakarta to Lombok (west nusa tenggara) then jump to another island, SUMBAWA! 
Visited beautiful sister who has same passion of jumping is a blessed!

Google map really a must bible to bring! Dunno anything about Sumbawa, just gone with the wind, jump from Kayangan port in Lombok to Poto Tano port in Sumbawa was amazing!

 We are crazeeee... sister hood, know nothing about Sumbawa! and just driving motorbike worries-less! you know what the scary one? Sumbawa is one of small city in this huge country that haven't got big attention from the government, sooo... Sumbawa still a forest! the worst was, the day time changed to be in dark side with no electricity along the way, we were in the middle of no where, no hotels near by, and the road just perfect for horror movie.. auuuuwww... we need wolverine and Dracula as the main actors :P
please kindly find our photos as dessert below :D
Gorillaz pose of Cha2!
Again, we found beach in Lombok still pure beach, no human touching yet :)
Take a deep breath and enjoy the breeze of the nature, lovely feeling..

Woo hoo Cambodia!

Jakarta then jump to island over there! #waving you Cambodia ;)
Woo hooo.... Cambodia, man!
Describing this country is easy, as long as i am with my man, everything is always as simple in every way! No idea why.
Cambodia, especially Phnom Phen (capital city) does not have many different with Jakarta (Indonesia's capital city), dusty, same weather, same anatomy as Asian's skin :) , same kind people like Indonesia (easily smile and helpful)! but.. in Jakarta almost human being there have sophisticated mobile phone (Android, iPhone), very very rare you would see in Cambodia. I am sure they still have sense of real warm greetings, not yet busy on phone's screen for sure.
Riel (Cambodian's currency), they are using 2 currencies : USD and RIEL
They have two currencies, if you have dollars in your hands, no need to exchange to RIEL,  the rate on Sept 2015 for 1 USD = 4,000 RIEL (for any transaction), but if you would exchange 1 USD = 3,900 RIEL

Picture above just to see that we are rich, muahaha.. naah those are small amount only #wink (around 80 USD)
What i like in Cambodian beer is the top cover of the bottle, easy to open! just "flip!". Oh ya, in the cover if you lucky you could get gift! Anyway our opinion is Bintang (Indonesia's beer) still the best ;) International quality laah...

 You know what? 
"Tuk Tuk" transportation motorbike pedicap is everrrrrrrryyyyy where!! 
you will never feel alone, because, Tuk Tuk's drivers will always smile and say : "Tuk Tuk Sir?!"
 Our first dinner in Phnom Phen! culinary traditional food there, everything is sweet just like me :P , gave the rate for culinary 3 on 5 star.