Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aku terusik

Kusadari semua postinganku berisi kata-kata penyemangat yang sebentar-sebentar pun terisi dengan keluhan, How a silly circle of life.
Aku terusik,
Aku harus berubah,
Tak lagi membawa pekerjaan ke kos,
Karena Ada UBAN (Rambut putih) 1 di kepalaaaaaa.. arrggh!!
Naik Busway empet-empetan???????!! are you sure?!
Melihat wajah-wajah menyesal,
wajah-wajah kesal,
wajah-wajah monoton.
Aku terusik.
Aku tak mau.
Aku mau.

Memory of craziness in Bus Way to The Plaza tower!!
I had to walk from Setiabudi shelter to Grand Indonesia Shelter, it's almost 5 km?
Get Car ASAP!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

How To

it's now my point to live in this earth. maybe if i were on the moon, my point of view gonna change also. :P
How to get there?
How to buy that?
How to travelling around the world?
How to live in my own but still care with others?
How to sleep without no sense thinking in mind?
How to be everything we wanted, but not to be a God?
How to,

after many of 'How To' question,
turn to be serious to ACT To.
Just check it out.
What's my act ?
No body's know, even me. huufft *.*