Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Once Upon A Time Back in Town

Once Upon A Time Back in Town, Salatiga

I know i still have pending stories about Europe and U.K, but i can't help to upload some photos of home sweet town. (Some photos below taken not only in Salatiga).
The photos divided to 4 sections:
1. Cuteness
2. Foodness
3. People
4. Others

1. Let's start from something cute like: 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

All by My Self

All by My Self

Watching this movie on my 7th times or more :)
I still remember i watched it on 2016 in the middle of Western Australia desert, friends of camels but no human.
Today, i just watched in the middle of my parents' big house, alone.

Bridget Jones Diary, is a name of the movie (it has 3 series- and i watched those all of course). Bridget Jones lives in London with society of hers are about family stuff and she still single in her thirties, which is ashamed and sad for her. 

I am pretty sure not only me enjoy this movie, other women has the same situation like her. The biggest scary movie of your life is you are alone without anyone to share your feeling till your number of age growing.... absolutely horror movie! (i am closing my face with face palm now #expression) 
Indonesian way to make this scary horror movie not happen, i would say "amit amit jambang bayi..." (how to read: imeet imeet jumpung biyee) , it is like touch the wood in western way.

In the last series of Bridget Jones Diary, she has happy ending story.
Finger-crossed for anyone. Now, i will back to my imagination white wine, haha.. only bottle of water here at the moment.