Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mark Bayu Kunzelmann

Who are you cutie boy? If i were still single, i would ask you to date with me.. sorry Mark Bayu.. at the moment, i have my Tono, so maybe next time? (If your mom agreed and Tono didn't know :P)

sleeping cutie!

Have a nice life in far away soon Annie.. be happy and cheerful as always.

Grumpy face.. ggrrr..
For Mark Bayu Kunzelmann, your chubby cheeks remind me with my chubby grandma... sweet, chewy and lovable! Be good boy ya.. help mommy and papi ya :D

Maybe we could meet again or no.. just thanks to be around aunty Debby with your innocent face.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Andiamo nel mercato antico

We 《father, cha and me》 go to antique market!
My dad like to go to unique market, looking for goods.. The market, you can find second hand things.
Il mio papà piace a andare nel mercato antico, cerca cose.. Il mercato antico, tu puoi trovare di seconda mano cose. Allora, noi possiamo visitare da imagini:

la situazione! 《The situation》

le gemme di anneli 《The stones of the rings》

dei soldi antici 《some old money》

le cassette vecchie

tu puoi cercare tutti!! 《You can find everything there!!!》

Papà sempre cerchi la macchina di cosa!! 《OMG, Dad always search for car's thing!》

Di seconda mano vestiti 《the second hands' clothes》

Guess what Papà has found??!
He got too unique thing that even he didn't know the use of that thing!
Papà capisce uno tutto!

I did googling to know what is that, aaannddddd.. the answer of that "Salpingograph" use is for diagnostic procedure primarily used for evaluating patency of fallopian tubes. It was introduced as a screening procedure for infertility investigations. 《Source from wikipedia, i feel bad to tell him the truth that the use of the cute things of his now is for fertility and pregnancy tester -__- 》

Grazie tutti!
Ciao per oggi.
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Dieng, Goddess island in Central Java

I went to Dieng land, people believe that it is Goddess island also it is the second plateau in the world after Tibet!!
我 去 Dieng, 人们 相信 这 是 女神 捣! 这 是 第 二 高原 在 世界 上 Tibet!!

Waiting the train...
等待 火车

The horse in the road!
吗 在 路


I went to see temples
我 去 寺庙

Arjuna Temples

Dwarawati temple
Dwarawati 寺庙

I saw sunrise at Prau hill,
我 看 日出, 从 Prau 山

The way walking of the dawn!!
徒步路性 在 早晨

A day has come!!
日 来! Yeaay..

Pure water from the earth 白 水, to make you stay young! That's what people believe :D

Telaga warna, Color Lake! Beautiful scenery to see from top of the hill, i have local guide to take me to private place! Thanks Mas Meno!

Almost touch the beautiful sunset! Very nice sunsite! 太 好 夕阳!!

你们 去 Kawah Sikidang, Sikidang crater, the smoke and hot air and water comes from the earth, even you could eat the egg by boiled it there!

"Telur Rebus Kawah" , "Boiled Egg on Crater". I posed with the seller who put the raw egg just like did fishing, he put the egg on the crater for 10 minutes, and i could ate that poor egg :《

我 去 Teletubbies Hill! Soooo coooll!! Beautiful and free.... too bad no real teletubbies to hug! :P

I love this part! Another adventure, my local guide took us to hot natural water from the earth! This pond is for everybody, naked together outdoor surrounded by farmers and the rice fields!! Haha.. while my friend n i were only girls there, all the naked guys waited for us to finished shower! Lol so nice moment!

Legendary well, Jalatunda well. There is a myth if you could throw the stone till it the reach the edge of well, your wish would be COME TRUE! we tried many times and made the stone seller became rich, we kept constant! Our stones were useless, never reached to that point :《
Hmm.. i think i shall be stone seller there. All visitors would love to try their luck in that well, 1 small stone is 500 IDR! LOL.

Merdada Lake, huge, pristine, beautiful and quite...

Some silly photos to share:

Jump at Merdada lake

Jump at Teletubbies hill

Hugging Teletubbies at Arjuna temple area

Never tired of jumping, we jump at Arjuna temple area :D

Danced with Hanoman 《white monkey》and his friends were awesome! at Arjuna temple area.

Then i wanna say very very thank you 很 谢谢 Meno for your kindness to take me anywhere and met parents, bro. Thanks for the warm noodles and corn! I really needed them in the soooo cooolll weather.. bbbrrrreeeett..

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

What is it?

Unhealing Coughing make me change different medicines..
I bought this one, but don't know how to open the cover! What is it??!!
OMG! So embarrasing!

Thanks for strangers who helped me opened it and Annie Kunzelman thanks! You taught me how to open it! Lol..

Maybe some of you have the same problem like this and get mad to your self? :P
Hold the cover down with right hand, keep the bottle up with left hand then roll the cover as the sign direction (clockwise).
Voila, Finito!

The doctor added 2 pills for 5 days, now pheew.. no more coughing! Grazie tutti!
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Count Down to December

December, beauty month, people knows exactly the smell of December is Christmas. I dreamed of white Christmas since i read comic books from Japan publisher, everything looks great in the pictures, snow, colorful lights, everybody are smiling each to others even it is very cold weather but seems they feel warm inside... hmm what a lovely story represent of December!

I captured some photos i have taken in this November 2014 for welcoming December:

Big and Tall Tree @CentralParkMall Jakarta

Ho..ho..ho.. be good! There is a gift for you ;)

So, i can not wait for you Hey December!
Oh, i shall play Ice Skating & dance on Sky Ring for fulfilling White Christmas! Haha.. :P
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hoax of Recruitment Job! Deception Day

Beep beep.. (sms tone on mobile phone).

Dear Theresia Debby your profile of CV has been approved, please do register that we have sent to you by email.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sabato Sera

Vado a centro per nuova visualizzazione. Mangio cibo Cinese, in ristorante 'Din Tai Fung', significa 'Ding = Vendemmia Tai=Grande Fung= Forte'.

Il mio fidanzato supporto mi in ogni casi. Grazie il mio amore Tono!

Pasific Place caso

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Incontraro Nonna in sognare

Mi manchi nonna troppo. Oggi, sogno di te. Io muoio e incontraro con tu. Sono molto felice!! Io so dove tu rimani.. io gioco con tu, tu sei ancora stessa una molto bella e simpatica nonna.

I miss you so much granny, half of my happiness just gone when you've gone. In my dream, i died just to meet you, and i don't mind if i had to repeat it again.
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Something New!

Nowdays i am learning 3 different languages, Arabic, Mandarin & Italy. I wanna improve my dull brain become active again and i love new things to learn,indeed it is something BRAND NEW!! Lol.. So, this blog has appeared because i wanted to be well in English, now i will do the same with some posting.. will try to use different languages i have learnt (maybe not yet for Arabic.. even the teacher gave up for me, she was confused where had to start to teach me, the most difficult language in the world!! Hope my bf isn't a difficult person in the world tho, lol). Okay, enough for opening greeting, let's improve my brain! (Anyway reader could use translate application by clicking which language you want to be translated, it is on the above right of this blog, the app will appear only for desktop view)

我 是 语言 课程 的 学生 在 Jakarta. 我 的 朋友, 叫 Ding Ming Hui, 她 是 中国 人。我们 都 玩 在 Thousand island, Tidung island! Ding 同 Antony, 她 的 男 朋友。 我 同 的 妹妹, Cha cha!

Cha2 和 我

我, Ding 和 Antony, 我们 都 got sunburnt 和 变 Excotic!! 哈 哈 !

高兴 Posed!

Silly Posed! 哈 哈。。

Action Posed!

Yeaayy.. 我 飞。。。。我 如 鸟。。

I was dying, couldn't swim well.. sigh.. Swimming lesson is a must for me too!

Real dying.. Tiredness on the boat, 哈 哈。。

谢谢 每个人。。我 很 高兴。。
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