Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kenawa Island, Really a Private Island!

Jumping map, from Jakarta to Lombok (west nusa tenggara) then jump to another island, SUMBAWA! 
Visited beautiful sister who has same passion of jumping is a blessed!

Google map really a must bible to bring! Dunno anything about Sumbawa, just gone with the wind, jump from Kayangan port in Lombok to Poto Tano port in Sumbawa was amazing!

 We are crazeeee... sister hood, know nothing about Sumbawa! and just driving motorbike worries-less! you know what the scary one? Sumbawa is one of small city in this huge country that haven't got big attention from the government, sooo... Sumbawa still a forest! the worst was, the day time changed to be in dark side with no electricity along the way, we were in the middle of no where, no hotels near by, and the road just perfect for horror movie.. auuuuwww... we need wolverine and Dracula as the main actors :P
please kindly find our photos as dessert below :D
Gorillaz pose of Cha2!
Again, we found beach in Lombok still pure beach, no human touching yet :)
Take a deep breath and enjoy the breeze of the nature, lovely feeling..

Woo hoo Cambodia!

Jakarta then jump to island over there! #waving you Cambodia ;)
Woo hooo.... Cambodia, man!
Describing this country is easy, as long as i am with my man, everything is always as simple in every way! No idea why.
Cambodia, especially Phnom Phen (capital city) does not have many different with Jakarta (Indonesia's capital city), dusty, same weather, same anatomy as Asian's skin :) , same kind people like Indonesia (easily smile and helpful)! but.. in Jakarta almost human being there have sophisticated mobile phone (Android, iPhone), very very rare you would see in Cambodia. I am sure they still have sense of real warm greetings, not yet busy on phone's screen for sure.
Riel (Cambodian's currency), they are using 2 currencies : USD and RIEL
They have two currencies, if you have dollars in your hands, no need to exchange to RIEL,  the rate on Sept 2015 for 1 USD = 4,000 RIEL (for any transaction), but if you would exchange 1 USD = 3,900 RIEL

Picture above just to see that we are rich, muahaha.. naah those are small amount only #wink (around 80 USD)
What i like in Cambodian beer is the top cover of the bottle, easy to open! just "flip!". Oh ya, in the cover if you lucky you could get gift! Anyway our opinion is Bintang (Indonesia's beer) still the best ;) International quality laah...

 You know what? 
"Tuk Tuk" transportation motorbike pedicap is everrrrrrrryyyyy where!! 
you will never feel alone, because, Tuk Tuk's drivers will always smile and say : "Tuk Tuk Sir?!"
 Our first dinner in Phnom Phen! culinary traditional food there, everything is sweet just like me :P , gave the rate for culinary 3 on 5 star.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Apa Kabar Eyang?

Apa kabar Eyang?
How are you grand mother?

I was in flasback mood and got an album just about your self there. Too much missing you Grand ma, indeed. 

Please scientist, anyone out there... 
please invent a tool to open the connection between this world with that invisible world.. i beg you anyone. The gap between grand ma and me is too far, can't reach her, is a disguse pain.

Can you feel me grand ma? At least come to my dream, the door always open for you anytime.. let's chit chat there.. i don't mind to escape from work 1 day just to be with you whole day.

Again, apa kabar Eyang?

Big kisses from your grand daughter,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015





Done in a year (2014)?
From the video of full of smiles edited by G+ above, the answer is "i dont know".

Time goes fast really..
can't go back..
Try the best not to repeat the regretness for next year..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mudik (Bahasa Indonesia)

Mudik is an Indonesian term of the activity which migrants/migrant workers to return to their hometown. Mudik is identical with an annual tradition that occurs ahead of major religious holidays such as before Lebaran / Eid Mubarak (Muslim celebration day).

In fact, i dislike the process of Mudik, huge Indonesian population take the chance of this celebration to back to hometown! Why do i dislike this process? Because it will be chaos when they get long holidays like 7 days and want to meet far away relatives, all mass transportation will be full booked and expensive, driving own car or motorbike will have issue in the very very crowded road, too risky if you love your life! Aww.. in this situation, i wished could prefer stay comfy on my bed.. but no.. for a cutie friend, i must attend her important day, wedding day!

Wallah congratulation, cap cay Ajeng!
For you, Constantina Widi Ajeng, i will travel 352s km by train with full of people and their variant smell :{ !

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My partner dear

My partner dear,
just few seconds we broke up, i missed you already, again. We are like pair of shoes, without one will be incomplete, lost. It is not possible wearing 1 shoe, i need you the most!

But, just today is historical moment in our relationship diary, we changed status from "being virtual relationship" become "starting live in reality", so i wished you enjoy the fullest of life! I cant say much, my eyes are tired of producing tears and starting the dehidration of your image.

Sincerly yours,

Shoe partner.

Saturday, June 20, 2015



Do you wonder, how the chickenpox ready to be served in your body once of your entire life (some said it will back in 5 years later) ??!?

It is a Varicella-zoster virus from "you don't know who", cling to anyone who doesn't have fit body. 
Let's make an example, call the 'anyone' is Sia. Sia enjoys biking everyday, then one day she got fever, felt unwell to whole her bones, then the best part, Taaa.. daa.. Waterie Redish Troops come to show they are the leader of Sia's body! 

Sia becomes captive!
 She is isolated!
 No way to go anywhere, if Sia wants the best for the earth :[ !

Sia struggle to fight with those teaser waterie redish troops, they treat her badly, even she can't feel any pain from her worst enemy, mosquitos. Mosquitos are confused that Sia surrender easily....
Poor Sia...

Out of Topic: 
Indonesian call "got biting on your neck or else where" is Chipox!
and the result also same between Chickenpox and Chipox, haha.. Sexy Redish (exclude waterie for sure)...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'm in love

Long Distance Relationship Zone here.
I am in love, 
You are the package of the prettiest pain in my brain.
You are a story of beauty and the beast in my heart. 
You are ridiculously silly and smart ass in the same time. 
You are one of the trouble maker in my active passive life.
Situation and condition between us like the station without train and team, empty... 
I am tired of my terrible feeling in love with you.
I need doctor in October, can't help of the term "I am in love" any longer Babe.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taman Suropati, Jakarta

Hey there,
i miss to do coloring to this blog again. it was such a missing piece. My thumbs are feeling itchy of clicking alphabet letters from lovely Samsung Galaxy Note 3 given by my beloved one. 
Almost 4 years i have been in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Pheeww.. indeed i couldn't feel it has become this long. When i was here for few months, as a villager, i collected info, what to see in this city, what to do and don'ts. 
Yeah, i remembered i really wanted to visit a beautiful park in the center of the city since almost 4 years ago, in that book shown that every weekend, you would get some group playing and practising violin. 
Then, the day came! In a purpose i visited that park in a long way by full of people on the bus! Taaa raaa... Suropati Park, Taman Suropati! True, it is beautiful especially when you sitting with some birds and melodies of violins come through your ears. 

Wallah.. please check out the short video i put:

What to say about this moment, universe is playing our feet & soul to be wherever as you want to be. So, make wishes :)

Suropati is a National hero of Indonesia, a Balinese and fighting from Dutch colonialism, here a story : story & history Untung Suropati

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Culinaries with Habibie

Happy days when my beloved bf came to be with me, culinaries are one of our main activities. Why do i post something like this? Just for my memoir and could be reference to others. Happy is about the presence and the moment.

Valentine gift muahaha

Luquor Chocolate

Burger Blenger @Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. Cheap, big burger and yummy!

Very cold Heineken

Pot of Arabian cuisine

Tadaaa... biryani rice

Bastila (not his term of Bastila, but i liked them)

Mama Rosy Kemang, cozy, always full of customers and nice place!

Ambience at Mama Rosy - painting galleries


Amigos Bar & Resto, foods were good and the place are nice!

Amigos menu, delish one!

Another amigos menu

Abu Nawas Resto, Arabian cuisine. My fav Bread and Humus!

Eating mandi and biryani with hands! What a lovely dinner

The Queen Bar, very artistic interior inside

Still interior of The Queen Bar


Greek cuisine


Me & chef of Greek cuisine

Wonderful taste of Raspberry - passion fruit mousse cake from Paris Sucre pastry

Smoked Chicken sandwich from Paris Sucre delivery for b'fast! Yumm..

Delivery Solaria resto

Smoked crab Cendrawasih Lebak Bulus

Wallah.. fatty couple of the month! I feel free of posting those photos, can't be more greedy than this. I got lovely days with him. I am happier person, those photos shall make me wiser :)
Have a great day all :)

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fly again

Today, fly again. Will celebrating cutie, lovely chubby Chinese best friend's wedding, Siska!

Jakarta, Terminal 1A Soetta Airport to Surabaya.
Oops gotta go.. boarding pass time.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lombok Island, Hidden Place Finding Crystal Clear Beach

Hey again!
I have homework to do, share my thousands pictures of beautifulness nature!

Lombok island, where my lovely sis, Cha lived at the mo for duties. 1,345 km from Jakarta to Lombok. Almost 2 days by car then jumped to boat and crossed the sea, 1.5 hours by plane.

I went there with crew of family, Mom, Dad to take Cha in new place. Second time, i got awesomeness birthday gift from Cha, flight tickets to explore Lombok! Aww.. Blessed!
Merci beaucoup dunia!

Ok won't be too long, time to share photos. A photo explains thousand words...

Black Sand somewhere in Lombok after exploring beautiful Sendang Gile n Tiu Kelep waterfall!
Sade Villager, this village has unique tradition. If the guy wants to marry a girl, he has to kidnap her from the parents for 1 day. The next day tell to girl's parent, your daughter is belong to me, i wanna marry her! Hmmm... unique!

Wild but not harrassed

Wild monkeys that we found in the main road of North Lombok to see Sendang Gile n Tiu Kelep waterfall.. 
Senggigi beach from Malimbu Hill, what do you think?
Senggigi beach from Malimbu hill
Tanjung Aan is great!
Spicy Sate 
Black sand beach, somewhere in North Lombok
Tiu Kelep waterfall near Sendang Gile waterfall! What i say for this one? Top of perfecto! (Except the dirty around :( )
My bf presence
Another spot in Narmada Garden, amazing!
Old Generation of Sade Villager, she makes the woven clothes for selling to tourists 
Teased water n wave @Senggigi beach

Posed in front of Sade village
Renting motorbike and gone with the wind with mommy!
Family Portrait @Sendang Gile waterfall
Majority in Lombok is Muslim, but Hindu has influence also like in Bali, because long time ago the kingdom of Mataram Lombok did colaboratoon with Bali Kingdom :)
Sendang Gile waterfall, edited by G+
Tanjung Aan Beaaaccchhhhh
. I love to be here only with my bikini!
Get lost. Senggigi beach made you gone with the wave!
@Sendang Gile! Wow waterfall
A door in Narmada Garden building. Narmada Garden was place for King to get rest and praying.
Another Sengigi beach in Cloudy Sky!
Sengigi beach, edited by G+
Senggigi beach in Sunset time!
Taste pristine holy water +Narmada Garden , to enter to this sacral, you need permission to key person. Give charity fund outside n inside of the pond.. hmm.. 
Almost got the attack from you meanie horsie, but you are cute for selfie!
Buffalows around Seger beach hills! Perfect shoot!
Seger Beach! Seger = Fresh, see i told you hidden place to find crystal clear beach!
Hello dogie!
Carlos, me, Amalia, Jo! Swimming time @Tj. Aan Beach.. very calm and unbelievable beautiful! I took them to see and feel Tanjung Aan beach's pesona
Meeting nice n friendly Phil girl, Jo! We are wearing same shirt from Bali! What a soulmate we are..

New Year Eve at Senggigi beach!
Heavy rainy, 1 half beer plus apple flavor smirnov still made me awake for driving motobike under the heavy Rain! Crazeee... haha..

What a lovely days!
Thank you universe, you're beautiful..
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