Monday, October 24, 2011

dbee in Password

Password is my first company that i joined after graduated.

I am in marketing department :) as an account manager. The team so friendly, all full of supports and smiles :) Our business in IT Solution for corporate, Password is a System Integrator company. 
What i am doing there? Looking for opportunities :)

Fig 1. Tools of mine in Password
Password make me learnt many things,
Products, Solutions, Relationships of team work, counting, margin, profits, quotations, follow up, reports, target, look for opportunities, tender(proposal) and visiting :)).

Events in Password,
Buka Bersama Puasa 2011, CEO's Birthday, Annual Meeting in Bogor.

Fig 2. Password Team
Even Password still minority but it have future minded, gonna growing like world that moving fast  in technology era.
Thank God i am here to got friends like them :)

Do the Best before you die.

Password website :  htpp://
Password Offering: 

- Hardware (Server, Storage, PC, Notebook dan Netbook, Printer, etc)
- Software (License, Antivirus, VMWare, Data Backup , Data Encryption, etc)
- Maintenance
- Infrastructure
- Networking
- Printing Solution
- Hardware Services
- Virtualization (VM Ware)
- Sistem Input Jarak Jauh secara Real Time

need my assistant in IT Solution? send me email: (hahah promo!!)