Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feet on Shangri La

A Silent night, a silly girl come to a place where isn't a quite place.
She need ruin environment in her empty heart, that's all.
What will she get?
She will get heart beat a bit, yes only a bit, but it will be precious for her.
She just follow her feet, because her brain is just silent as her heart does! They decide to get rest and be silent, be cause silly girl made them work much recently!
But, Without her knowing, feet never wanted to walk if her heart didnt whisper words to brain and ordered to Feet to walk.
Her feet is on a place call Shangri La.
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A Friend When You are Dying

The title just like too much!
Yes it is!
When I am dying,
One of my friends is Oatmeal,
I added some sugar and put hot water, Wallah done! And I back to life.
This flavor isnt bad, but I like the banana much!
Really a helpful friend at my stock box :)
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

9 Summers 10 Autums

The Quote that I remember from this movie,
" Kita Tidak bisa memilih masa kecil kita, tapi masa depan kita yang menentukan!!"
"We cant choose our childhood, but The Future depend on our hands NOW!!"
True Story from an Indonesian poor man that could be a Director at NYC.
He has stayed at NYC for 10 years, and missed home so much. Now he back to native as a writter.
I cried watch this movie. Pheeww..
It was Good and Touching Movie!
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Path Finder

The title isn't about a movie with same title, but it's about me.
I am a Path Finder,
I don't know exactly where should i have to step except my only sleeping dreaming dreaming silly!
I can't feel happy or enjoy the fullest.
I can't feel any satisfy but i don't feel sad much too!
Meeting with strangers, what for? Just killing time, maybe.
Meeting with close friends, same, no solutions or i am too talkative to talk anything else not my really problem that i even don't know where the problem comes out!

Path Finder,
it's like a home work to me, 
i am finder , find find find any paths! 
What a clue!

I can't tell what my status of my self now?
it's 'GALAU' - 'CONFUSE'

What's happening to me?
i called my self in DESPERADO Mood!
sOmEtHiNg WRONG wItH ME!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Devil Cake

Devil Cake from Harvest,
Taste just like an ANGEL!
Sweet, melting and never got bored to eat it again and again!!
*a bday cake for a colleague
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Smile :)

When you feel miserable,
No one knows,
You disguise it from the universe with smile!
So what you think,
Could you see any fake or pure smile?
#pic @Ta Wan Resto~thx to cece as my photographer!
#i take carrot that was shaped be nice flower!
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Culinary @Ta Wan

Ta Wan resto is a Chinese resto that provides porridge!
My friend ordered the foods she wanted, because it was my first time there I let her decided. I paid!! Haha.. What a lovely me.
She asked to waiter big porridge to 2 persons, tofu with 5 flavours (powder, etc.n I cant taste 5 on them, it mixed, lol), singapore noodles (its yummy too!), chrispy mushrooms and chinese tea!
It was nice, all were yummy, place were clean and neat, the resto never be empty.
But im curious and forgot to ask whats the meaning of Ta Wan! (will ask my Chinese friend for this).
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lampegan Rail

Dearest Hana Fang,
Thanks for editing this ordinary model to be awesome pic that could make the model felt so artistic! Sitting Setting @Lampegan Station :)
Jalan-jalan / traveling always make me smile!
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Gunung Padang

Traveling to Gunung Padang!
Gunung = Mountain
Padang = Bright
so, people around called it mountain that give bright to them :)
Native and Scientist concluded that this site had age 10000 BC (the proof from the river sand deep inside in it after digging of Scientist)  

before went to Gg. Padang, we looked at old station, Lampegan Station. The cave is 700 m and each 10 m, there are rooms that had function for guard stayed there to keep situation good, no robbers. This station never been used again after renovation at 2010.

Lampegan Station
Rail of old Station

Darkness for 700 m

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Goodbye

When you feel like be in a cage, even its the beautiful one with gold cover to it, you will feel it like in a jail!
BUT You will never feel frustrated in that cage when you have someone to share with.
The pain, loneliness and whole misery will vanish as fast as the furious if you had someone there!
But how bout the condition now, your someone wanna free like a bird and leave you behind?
For me, its ok, as long as that someone enjoy the life, will do for me too.
Heavy ofcourse, but I have to accept that lot of things that happens, not always as my expectations!
Just a memory to release one innocent cyber friend from online zone!
He will be offline and do anything real now. LOL
Well, another Goodbye, but it is for the sweetest one.
Happy for you dude B...y! Always.
#Pic took when I was @Cianjur
#Lampegan Station
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

be an Interpreter

              Just sharing about be an Interpreter to a lovely Researcher Golf at Jakarta on April 2013 :)She was nice, friendly and love to share anything about Golf. lol!She was at Jakarta for the first time to research about what kind brands the players use for the sticks, glove, shoes, balls  and where and why they have bought that brands?She said Indonesia have good field (so greeny) and the golf is developing.I got info about golf in Korea, it is like hobby to everyone, the golf Club never empty, lot of people (Golf's Course in Indonesia is still fulfill of greeny field not many the golfers there yet, LOL).She told me about Golf is expensive sport but in USA, there are golf clubs that are not costly for the citizen, so everyone can play golf! They also don't have caddy! only for executive ones! About Golf in Japan, the caddies not beautiful like Indonesian, here we have sexy, cute caddies, Japan only have old women as caddies :D

Yeay! We are Working!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carefour Donuts!

They were just like toys! But dont get them wrong, they were REAL!
Eye catching and unique!
Really curious with the sugar that made them become beautiful like that!
Wow! Sooo Sweet!
#culinary @ Carefour's Harmony
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Editing Pic byWidie
 @Ancol Beach
Tour with a boat, each person had to pay @10000 IDR ( 1 USD).
Good moment!
Smell of the Sea it was like smell of freedom! Wind!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Cute ^,^ Pic I got from fb.
Make me smile when I see it.
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Soto Pak Ian

Again, my posting about culinary Soto!
It was like Java Soto, but because the the seller has name Ian, so it famous with Soto Pak (Mr.) Ian!
Taste : not bad
#culinary @ Tanah Abang IV
*Ian, read: ee-an
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Soto Taman

I always love Soto, cause my granny was a Soto seller in a school.
I still miss the taste of my granny's hand made to make it. Never forget the taste, it was just perfecto when I ate it with accompanion from afternoon wind in that school!
In this pic, I put Soto @Taman (garden) Tanah Abang III, It called "Soto Betawi", ofcourse with meat! But I prefered to choose without, I dont eat some meat cause silly reaaon, lol.
The taste, not bad.
#culinary @break time
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Thursday, April 18, 2013


New word for me, exactly it was new food for me. I was curious and asked the seller about it, he said it is traditional food from Betawi (West Java Tribe).
How to make it/ cooked it, unique too (too late to take pic of it), the seller put the ingidients to the place called gentong - giant bowl and burn it.
Well, the taste almost like putu, as I ever put about putu at my Blog.
I like it, sweet, not really sweet , normal sweet with grater of coconuts too...
Must try!
@Jl Garuda @afternoon-Evening
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Well, it's nice meeting you!
You hold my hand softly,
Smile beautifully,
Protect me carefully,
And you said, Hello Princess you are the sweetest one!
#imaginary while waiting rain @office
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Grace at the Nanny's

I like to be in the place so cozy like the Nanny's that have theme for the resto.
Customers love to be there because the comfort of the place beside the menu.
I got Chocolate Milk shake, not bad.
The waffle of chesee banana is good,
Grace my friend got pasta or what I couldnt remember the name, its good also.
Love the decoration and design of the menu's book also...
Perfect place to hang out!
And at last, wanna to say for Grace Almighty to make me meet up with lovely Grace that treated me with all the menu that day :p.
Dare to dream BIG with Grace <3

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eve Snack!

I made them.
Waiting official email, lit bit hungry even done ate Oatmeal and my curiousity come to my supply box, yeap I found powder.
I had oil, salt, sugar and pan, cool!! Then the snack done for this eve.
Taste? Not bad. I made them with love, and dont forget about 'lit bit hungry', so taste just perfecto!
Wanna try some?
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pooh and Me

Remember cartoon character of Winnie the Pooh?
Yeah! She was with me XP
My college friend who have soft heart even look so tough.
Pooh is still available ^,^
Memorize met up with you, Pooh!
Be happy and cheers ya!

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Cutie Noodles

Its 4.14 am
Just ate my noodles from did 'Keriaan' , its like party.
Met up with new friends from expat blog..
Drank 2 glasses of beer couldnt make my tummy full at all #facepalm.
So, really I needed you Sarimi. Thanks God I found you at my supply box, egg made it perfecto, mammamia cutie noodles!!
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bye You!

Very very thank you,
You ever made my feet comfort and save,
When you become ugly,
I am so sorry,
I am cruel and say good bye to you!
Really if I got new ones,
I am proud, you were ever in my feet.
Bye You!
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Oranges Ice

Original oranges,
Only 5000k IDR
I could taste so sweet and fresh 'Es Jeruk' - 'oranges ice'.
@Taman Tanah Abang 2
It was a Perfect beverage for Hot weather like this afternoon.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fu Yung Hai

#Culiary @NeliMurniStreet
Chinese food, Fu Yung Hai.
Totally from eggs with addition like: carrots, onion leaves, chicken slices and sauce :)
Taste : Not bad ~,^
Could make tummy so full.
My opinion, to make the taste better is the secret from the sauce,
Coz the eggs were just like ordinary eggs, only sauce could make it different.
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I am really curious,
How to make sweet, yummy and got 'not boring taste' in mouth for BREAD!
I haven't got the answer yet,
I am Bread lover, not a Bread maker yet.
Soon Deb!
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A friend when you are in moody. Chocolate.
Bring positive aura and relaxing. ^^
Lets eat choco together!!
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Barong Sai

Barong Sai,
Symbol of Chinese's Dragon,
Played from resto to resto to get Ang Pao (Chinese, red envelope to put money inside).
As usual that I know, Barong Sai will play wonderfully only in Chinese events like Chinese New Year, but that day I saw it without any event behind.
@Ikan Bakar 3 Rasa Muwardi
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Wanna be Professor!

Life is about wanting and choosing,
Now I am thinking,
I wanna be a professor!
Smart doing things,
Manage everything clearly,
Focus researching.
I have to open eyes without glasess,
My path, I am not a professor, but
I can do everything I want and I should do like a professor!
Inspiration pic by mochimaro's taken @CL (celebration Good Friday)
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