Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Miss to Fly!

Stepping stairs to the ground just now, 
Making me feel the air, 
the air that i know exactly I could not resist it all.
The air which spoils me with harmony of peace,
The air which becomes soft and calm wind,
The air which makes my blood sings and dances non stop!
Aarghh.. Absolutely I miss to fly! 

But, my wings are broken still, so i force my feet to touch the earth with no exception nor mercy. Missed to fly. If you lost your prominent ability, to fly, why do you stand still? 
Why can't I surrender? 
Why do i do questioning and hoping that will be bright future later on, my wings will recover and...
Enough, i don't have a dare to end my journey just like that, now next chapter, what have i seen while i tried to heal my own wound wobbly just now?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Cousin's Wedding Ceremonial

They are united by the ring symbolizing
Sept 6th, 2014
Loving day for my lovely cutie cousin who loves pink color, Dhelia! 
Syawal did proposal and now they are hubbie and wifie! Congrats for both of you! All the best..

Their wedding with Javanese traditional culture, the make up, dresses, dancers. The theme was Pink!! Hahaha.. all the guests and family in Pink dresses!! What a cruel color, lololol..