Monday, December 23, 2013

December 2013

Curiosity @Cakuang Temple

What i have been through till this end of the year, 2013?
 Lot of things has happened to me, very colorful stories, meet up with variety conditions, causes and effect of my subconscious. I remember, i wrote in my 2013 notebook about my resolution for this year, many silly things come out, almost of them haven't been realized yet, lit bit disappointed. Now, almost end of year, the sign of my age will be growing up! Number, i will face that number, i try not to care about it, hope so. 
 Well, thank you universe still allow me to taste many bittersweet feelings, 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Galunggung Mountain

traveling to Galungung Mountain!
a mountain in Tasikmalaya city, West Java that ever erupted 3 times and the last eruption on 1982 for 9 months till 1983! It has made map changing because the lava fulfilled river and villages nearby! The elevation is 7154 feet, how to get there? climb more than 480 stairs :)
Stairways to the earth!

I was there at 4 a.m, waiting the sun to face the earth, but too bad it was cloudy and closed sun to smile upon my face, it was really ok, when i could see around me clearly! Green! Green! Green!
Asked the darkness to leave.

Can you imagine, whole lava puked to the earth and remain the green crater there

Journey through Black sand

peek the creater

Greeny grass


so cooool !! (the place and fresh air)
Gone with the Wind!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fly to Surabaya

Once day, when i was jobless, i did thinking much, did non sense stuff called planning. When i had no money in my pocket, i had relations. When i didn't know what to eat that day, i had noodles (junk food ones). When i have No ideas in my mind, i watched TV to get inspired. 
That day, before flying to Goddess island, Bali, i said to my self, 'you need to stay in this small rent room for weeks, you have to bear with your self in boredness Deb! it's ok, not a big deal at all! it is same like another weeks before,  you need to save money, then just travel to Bali for 2 weeks later Deb.'
but, the fact,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Live your Dream

I do blog walking and found this nice video to share.
Inspiring words inside,

Travel often,
Getting lost will help you find your self.

Live your Dream.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bali's A Gift To Mama

Dear Mama,

I just wanna say thank you, you are so great to me, so patient bear me and very rare I see you get angry, you always and always can control your self, you are so strong but soft. Once day, I heard you were curious about Bali, I've heard an idiom, 'You aren't Indonesian, if you haven't come to the Goddess island yet, Bali!!'
So, I decided that day, Bali is a gift for your B'day Mama in 2013! It is a must for me.
And I made it! I was really really satisfy to see your smile, Mama.

here we go, 
memories of Bali,
Jimbaran Beach

Kecak Dance

Cycling Moment!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting Fever

I am getting fever. I hope I get fever love, but naah.. it is really really sick. I can't control the heat of my self, feeling cold outside but hot inside, what a balance! I can't stand with any pain like this, I took one tablet of paracetamol and really depend on it. Suddenly, while feeling weird in my body, I'm thinking somebody else who get cancer or unusual disease in their body, must be the pain hundred or even more than me, I started to cry thinking about that.
One of My friend said, sometimes crying could heal your pain and I agree with that, the pain is still there just makes you relax a bit.
This posting just to make me stay calm and I am looking for distraction of the this little pain.

I should say thank you thank you to universe while I am healthy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mr. Ice Cream

I got boring day syndrome today, 
Not much to do in office without boss there, waiting for hours always killing me softly. I need to grow up my soul again with something cold, my head was too hot with many stuff!
On the way home, I met him, 'Mr. Ice Cream'
Mr. Ice Cream

5000 IDR = 5 Cent USD/ cup
I am curious, he works more than 8 years, I am damn sure, but he just still like that, nothing change, old cart, same taste of ice cream,maybe he needs new innovation so he will be different and great. But, he seems just does what he does now, ages eat him till he doesn't realize again that time goes fast without permission. Spooky moment to face with time.

Anyway thanks Mr. Ice Cream, I am cool now.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Interesting conversation between one of my gf from Line app, we chit chat many things as usual, then suddenly she did new subject,
'Kamu uda ga nakal kan?' (You haven't been a naughty - 'Nakal' girl anymore, have you?)

Me : What's the meaning of that 'Nakal' for all of sudden?
She : doing clubbing.
Me : Is clubbing 'Nakal'?
Then, strikely I replied her,
Me : Honestly, I am what I am now. If I am comfortable with what we called 'Nakal', I dont mind, just my time to be 'Nakal' sometimes dear :)

I know her feeling, she knows me when I was too innocent to say, I was very blind of world, just sit and hope too much. Now, people say about 'open minded' and I am learning about it. I really don't know why I am become like this, but as I know I am enjoying to be like this, even I will feel guilty 'cause I need to hide from the small world around me, who I am now.

Sorry to say dear friend, I am still 'Nakal'.

* Nakal = Naughty

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damn Scammer!

I was fool! I got scammer lied to me! Aargghh..
I found his blog from google, but I didn't notice about the date he publish his article! It was 2008 !! I just believed his rules, no COD (Cash on Delivery), transfer by Bank, confirmed transfering money and done, but... damn. My bad! Trust everything easily.
Transfer receipt to 'Damn Scammer'!
It was transaction to help my friend got cheaper mobile phone, black market stock. I am so sorry David :(, Thanks for your understanding. It is lesson, we should Learn for next time.

Link of the scammer:

Hope everybody can beware and more becareful about the DAMN scammers.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Hair Style

Long time ago when I was young, I was thinking to look after my hair till loooong like wave! I am happy to have that,
Feel so feminine with long hair! Haha..
Nowadays I feel need refreshment, 
At evening time, went home I walked through the darkness and kept searching barber shop that almost closed! 
I said goodbye to hairs on the floor and accepted new one, new hair style of dbee curly.

Hello you!
I know it is unimportant posting but I Like keeping memorize of things that happen around me. ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Ivan

Dear Ivan,

My nice friend in far away distance, Spain. 
commo estas?  
A friend who always emails me EVERYDAY for any motivations!!
A  friend who always visits my silliness blog >.<, gracias! 

Gracias for any wishes and your smile too, now my turn to say, keep cheer up dear Ivan! When you feel so down, remember will be up too, life is alike a wheel :) 
Every big steps begin from small steps, and small step as usual not easy, but believe in you that you can pass it, okay :) so you can pass it!
Lot of flowers you send me, i keep this one ;) Be bright like those tulips ya :D



Meet up in Carrefour

This story between 2 persons, we can call the guy, Tono and the girl is Anny.
Once upon a day Tono installed his Android smartphone with application to call anybody around the world randomly. He tried many times to choose numbers and caught a unique number xxx7878 and he tried to call this number even the user didn't answer it, but he kept trying. Finally, a day the user of that unique number answered his calling, and conversation started. The conversation between them was full of misunderstanding, but it didn't matter, at least Tono knew the name of the girl, Anny and he could whatsapp her anytime.
Anny is a welcome person and easily trust anybody even a stranger, it is always her bad. They did chit chat via whatsapp while they busy with their own business of vacations.
Anny's vacation - Uuwatu, Bali

Monday, October 14, 2013

Unique Views on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, a lovely day to start every steps a head. I wore big t-shirt with torn short pants, haha.. i like that kinda rebel pants, but noone in my family do. My mind was curious to walk through houses and finding a minimarket to get bottle of milk and bread.
 shopping to stay alive! Eggs, Anti mosquitoes lotion, Superman Chocolates-remind me when i was kiddo, Milk, Bread, noodle, noodle, and noodle again >.<

Anyway the story about the result of my shopping not too important, the nicest things i got

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Sat Night

just a sharing from a pretty girl that feeling alone sometimes,
 sitting in sevel (Seven Eleven), relaxing because she gets bored easily in comfy room that she rents per month. Snacks and water accompanies her night.
Bon appetite!
Sevel become colder more over night come! even she wears nice sweater that so cute with her flowerish skirt. Any persons who sit near her were alone too, but one by one their mate come to pick them. She is alone again with headset in her ears, she is cheering her self.

 It is just Another Saturday Night @Setiabudi Sevel.

A dot country in My Eyes

sky from Air Asia window's
I went to the small country, just a dot in map but has very blink blink magnet to attract many tourists to come. This country was sophisticated, i looked parks, cafes, hotels, apartments, traffics, road, MRT and citizen were so neat, near each others, clean, fast. I can imagine how good the goverment manage its country.
Clean country

It is only dot in map, no land, flats anywhere!

I told to my friend who was my host there, 'something missing in this country.' He said, 'no beggars here....' . That's it! No beggars! A very rare view where i couldn't see in my country :p
I stayed in a cozy, quite place, one old place there which Chinese residents around, Tiong Bahru.
cozy place, peek from hotel's view

I found many very tasty Chinese foodsiin Tiong Bahru area, aww...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Life Paper

It's been long time i didn't exist in this online paperless story, blog. I am in the city of nowhere, cozy, dawn, no rush, warm sunshine react to my skin, birds are so talkative next to me, i can hear water from nowhere river, chip munk look for food and bottle of beer last night.

I met nice strangers around, humble tourist who has long beard, lol. People come and go without permission, they have their own story in their life papers, some very tragic, some very flat, some end with good ending. It is journey.
Like my life paper, when my friend was crying about broken heart stuff, a woman called me 'b*tch!', when my life is like a seismograph can be so down or up quickly, i will always say everything is alright to some people just to disappear their worries, multiply lies happening. When hoping is the last energy that i have, unpredictable things happen through many ways. When the dreams come randomly like chaos, in reality i get good news.
Paper life, i have pen, pencil, crayon, no eraser or type-x to create dramas and will end wonderfully and magically.

Let's draw!

Pic (Nowhere place) was taken in Puncak. (Novus Puncak Hotel)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jogging @ Taman Cattleya

Taman : Park
Taman Cataleya : Cattleya Park in West Jakarta near Taman Anggrek (Orchid) mall.

I didn't go to clubbing last night, being wise and just be sleeping beauty in my place. My head was gonna blow up, better closed my eyes and decided to jogging, again being wise. I woke up at 4.30 a.m, prepared face, clothes, shoes and mentality!

I run in about 7 circles, started running while darkness covered the Taman Cattleya till the park become colorful because brightness replace the dark side.


Brightside is coming

I found out i became more productive in very morning!
Take a look what i've got in Taman Cattleya,
Colorful and beautiful flowers around!
So honour could shoot them from my Xperia mobile phone!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cigarette Lighter

Sia, a girl who is always on fire in her ways. People says she is insane, can't be quite and always jump every places with troubles that would be never ending, another ones said she is innocent cute silly girl with devil inside.
She just curious with things, very inquisitive and alone. She think she is pretty enough, have confidence and on fire but why no good man wants to be with her? Her curiosity calls her again deep inside her brain. She ever thought it is because a curse

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Enjoying Life?

I put my activity in my profile is, enjoying life. People around me say, i am very lucky girl to enjoy every single life, no sorrow. Well, i always smile but it doesn't mean i have no problems, i just disguise them. 
I know what i want and i don't want,
I know my self better when my age growing up,
I can choose wisely or messy for any decisions,
I have to handle situations, opportunities, people's reactions and many more risks.

Yeah, i think that is the meaning of 'enjoying life'.
Even, im still living in present not in future yet, confusing me with walking times.
Gone with the wind.

Let's enjoy life buddies!!

Pic was taken when i was in Klaten, central Java. Idul fitri 2013.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wind in Central Java

Gone with the wind to Central Java, by train, bus, car passed city by city.
Tegal, Pekalongan, Semarang, Salatiga, Klaten and Yogyakarta. Played with wind, disappear my worries, feel comfort. I can smile, laugh, make lot of mimics on my face freely.

I took many pictures from my journey with wind, but i just realized almost all my pics didn't save!! Because of full of space in my phone' s memory!! -___-''
Thanks God, i could rescue some, before too late. 
Monggoooo :) take a look
*Mongo : please
Nasi Goreng on the train (restoration cart)

Happy Idul Fitri

Candi Sewu & Me
Candi: temple, sewu (Javanese language) : thousand,  so it is thousand of temples (hyperbola)
 I think i counted them, not as much as thousand :p

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventure @Trick Art Museum

Comments Wall!! I put my comment left above :)

Heyaaa ~~~~~
Adventure to showroom 3D paintings, all the paintings are from Korea.
Thanks, sweetie Yessica for inviting us (my twin sis & i) to see cool paintings around!

The paintings are from Picasso, Millet, Vasco De Gamma, etc.
All have good angles to be captured with models around :)

Take a look, our creations with those paintings!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

When I was in Salatiga

Salatiga, small, comfy, cool small city part of Central Java.
I came there because of my lovely (twin)  sis' graduation ceremony.
A place to see terrace of rice fields, 
A place to do silly things with my sis,
A place to rest from dusty, crowded metro'polutant' city, Jkt,
A place to 'gone with the coooollll wind' !

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quote for the Day

No Dream is too BIG!
Don't let small minds convince you otherwise.

Pic i got in my email and became wallpaper on office's notebook.
It Reminds me again and again about whatever silliness dreams you have, just be positive to yours.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Place to Take Deep Breath

 Journey in this Earth, isn't as simple as we want it, is it?
I keep busy in mind's labyrinth and much external factors. 
Those things make me fight with my self.
I always avoid fighting, debate, that make me lost energy, but i lost my energy most on doing thinking, thinking and thinking.
Sometimes i need to scream very loud!
Sometimes i need silence with deep breath. 
This place where i hide from universe of my own mind. I need deep breath.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hungry Like Crazy!

Ramadan month, when Muslim people do fasting, be quite, keep mind healthy from dirtiness, how about me?
I am hungrier even more for some reason!
This Ramadan month, i want to eat anything!
When people around me become calm, I am Omnivore!
I am afraid about my weight! -___-

Here some foods i have eaten in this weeks!

Mie Rebus Mas Ferdi - Hot Noodles by nice Office Boy named Ferdi. Damn Yummy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Sleeping

Let me be sleeping beauty on my way.
Let me dream about big things.
Let me enjoy the breeze while i'm sleeping.
Let me hope when i open my eyes, lot of coins in my empty cup.
Let me act like i am in comfy 'spring bed'
Just let me.
I'm sleeping.

Pic was taken @TJ Busway - GOR Sumantri.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tanah Abang's Street in the Morning

I always go to office by blue mini bus no. 08, it is called 'Angkot'. The rute of Angkot passes an famous area in Jakarta, the biggest textile market in south East Asia, Tanah Abang. It is an area for Wholesaler of fashions and accessories stuff in central Jakarta.
Tanah : Land, field
Abang : Red ( Javanese language), Big Brother (Jakarta language)
History of Tanah Abang still unclear, there were 2 history about it,
Tanah Abang it was a land which the land was Red, connected to history between battles of Mataram Troops and Batavia region in 1628.

Also another history,
Tanah Abang was symbol of a big brother gave a house/land to his younger.
it was 1648, when a China Captain 'Phoa Bhingam' asked to Dutch govt. to build a canal from South Jakarta. 

Here some photos i have captured, Tanah Abang's street in the morning by Angkot view,

Rush people in the street! Crowded is usual issue in Tanah Abang.
Cutie Clothes for kiddo
Colorful umbrellas contrast with the blue sky

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lonely Photographer

I saw him,
@West Sumatera Anjungan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Everybody has their own pocket camera or handphone to take pictures of that beautiful house, West Sumatera house.
I can feel him,
Idk, why he is still persistent being a photographer!
Life always has choices.
I am speechless with loneliness.
Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone

Monday, July 1, 2013

Explore Minggu Ria

Yeah, the title just like i am a 'Debby the explorer'!!
Minggu Ria at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Minggu : Sunday
Ria : Cheers, happy
Minggu Ria is Cheerful Sunday. 
People gathering in Minggu Ceria~~

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an area that show about Indonesia islands within cultures, tribes, traditions, characteristics of each provinces like houses, clothes, wedding ceremonies, etc.

I went there with my lovely warm heart friend, Sinta. See, she has beautiful name like Goddess in India, doesn't she? Haha..
So just check it out my photos that i Have taken to explore colorful of Minggu Ceria.

Papua house
Me and Sinta, i cant rotate  it :(
Colorful Snails (Indonesians are very creative!!)