Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Heart is Beating

A lot of expressions if Heart is beating ^,^ v
Why my heart's beating? Because i am in full spirit to do my Project. 
Counting, Trial, Error, Ill feel, Dizzying, Calculating again, Trying then i want to get word:


It's Work and Done. Voila !!

I am sure i can make it and i can't wait for this moment to get that word above.
Coffee Milk has been on my stomach, 0.0
Ready not to sleep, @.@
My Fingers get itchy to work ~,~
The Air tonight really cool, (",)
the Important thing, My heart absolutely feels happy for this moment (*,*)''

Finally need mantra:

God Cs bless E. Theresia Debby I. , pleeeassee :D

=There's A Will, There's A way friends :)