Thursday, December 21, 2017

Me Marco Polo (Part Munich, Germany)

The story of Me Marco Polo series, previous scene was Theresia escape to Europe continent, Solo Marco Polo. Jakarta- Oman, Muscat - Frankfurt, Germany- Netherland - Belgium and now is Munich, Germany.
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The Next destination pictures is in Munich, Germany. It took me 12 hours by bus from Belgium, well it was nothing if you compare my flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam 28 hours, haha! 
Lucky me having wonderful friend my ex partner in crime when i was in Australia in 2016, beautiful intelligent girl Lisa! Just information, i stayed in Munich, Germany for 4 days and the photos that i would share maybe like 100 (thousands!), so take your time or just close your browser right now, because they are addicted (haha.. nooo.. wayyy... )
First time met her after a year in front of her office! So glad to find her cheerful smile again here in Munich. I walked from station after 12 hours bus to her office like 15 minutes with my 20kg bags and the weather was 3 degree Celcius, OMG, imagine the feeling in my back like someone massage you not with the fingers but with loaf of woods. haha..

She is very generous person and allow me to stay in her comfy flat with Netflix! I had no idea how netflix works before, now i am envy, i want to have it too in Indonesia and i would stay at home and never ever leave home again (Indonesia i meant) hahaha..
Lisa says "The Best Beer" for Heles Largebier on the table, i had no idea it is the best in the world, in the universe or in Germany? When i was in Belgia, they mentioned their beers were the best too. So, i think if it's free beers, so i conclude my self YES, THERE ARE BEST BEERS!! Agreed. Danke Lisa! I was loaded with beers, Wine, mmm.. too kind girl.

I would never leave you oh Indonesian noodles (Indomie), egg (Lisa's) and hot spicy ketchup! I brought 12 noodles in my backpack and proud to carry you till Europe oh noodles.. okie, breakie time..
My first day, i was a koala, only crawling under blanket, because the blanket glue like magnet to my weak body after 12 hours on the bus. Second day in Munich, i started become monkey! 
I visited attraction in the city center and what i found wonderful old buildings that made me open my mouth for 1 hour (that's overwhelming, i know joking only haha) and warm Christmas markets are everywhere, whoohooaa
Christmas market in Marienplatz, infront of amazing clock Rathaus Glockenspiel.. err.. do you see any bright color? Nope! only me yellow as always ( i am the photographer)

Yes, it is Rathaus-Glockenspiel, Clocktower Figurines made in 1908. Germans buildings are amazing! Just WOW!
German foodies... big big portion and tempting

Christmas decoration everyone? Jingle bell, jingle bell
Gift for you dogs maybe? 

Sneak peak of St. Peter's Church, do you know that i climbed up there for 3 euro only and for 301 stairs to go up and another 301 to go down! and what i see from above was SPECTACULAR Munich babe!! The photos later below.
Lisa suggested me to go to English Garden, my question was: why not German garden? why English then she said English gave something to that garden then yeah now "I am Indonesian girl go to English Garden in Munich Germany"! i heard there is surfing and some crazy people still do surfing in the winter time with the temperature was like 5 degree Celsius, can Germans be more crazy than this please :) 
please watch the clip video below, if you don't believe it :
I like to be somewhere that i could explore a place without knowing their language, it would be a challenge but it won't be challenge if I AM HUNGRY! See what happened when you can't speak German and the menu not even with English in English garden??!! I got what i don't want for sure, weirdo tasteless expensive big portion rice and pumpkins and nuts and few greenie and i don't want to eat it anymore... arrgghh . I didn't know how to order food, then i saw some people only eat the same food,so i told the waiter, "Excuse me, could i have.. ehm.. ehm.. that one (pointing to someone's food)." Waiter "7.50 euro." .
It was 7.50 euro tho, the most expensive food that impossible to swallow it (#wannaCryMood)

Bridge in English Garden. for information Englsih garden has 78 km jogging track. It is very huge and i was really tiring for walking quarter of the garden, pheww.. thanks God it was my past :D

What A View in English Garden. Peace and cool..
Aww.. happy doggy, combination of sun, grass and wind made you play cheerfully, i would do the same if i have more fur. haha..
After English bridge, i would get lost to see unusual art Endless Staircase in Ganghoferstra├če 29A. 
I feel it is interesting, you will never be in the end of destination.
In the night, Lisa and i walked to happening market near her flat and found those : (pictures will guide you below)
Christmas market or festival near Lisa's flat. Very interesting place to be there too. 

In German i ate Falafel (Arabian food)! why? because it is the CHEAPEST one! haha how sad! it was like 4 euro. did you ask the taste? Well, not wow sorry.

Hey Indonesian, do you see something there that made you smile? Yes, SALONPAS. A hot healer plaster for our body. The seller was Asian guy from Vietnam/ Thailand. 

They are Coconut head and colored to be nice bowl for Christmas gifts.

Bintang! Stars! I don't want to have sunshine, could i be in Iceland with those stars in my room please :)

Not only stars but flowers want to have lights too :) pretty lights

They are cans, They can be more than cans. whaatt? yes, inside of their cans, they have seeds! You could choose like chilly or Christmas tree even :)

I told you, they are not normal can, but super abnormal can ;) give their power, The water!

You aren't in German if you can't find liquors there, even baby bottle also full of alcohol. I don't wanna back home mama. 

Anyone knows, what the hell is that fruit over there? like Durian but nope. and the colorful ones are the seeds of it, they are hard like stones

We Enjoyed the night in that festival. this festival will end till February 2018
The next day, Lisa gave suggestion to spend my day in Museums but what i got in the afternoon in main station, Hauptbahnhof is my video below:
Yeah, true, snow rain, first time for me seeing snow rain. Noone took picture for my expression and i protect my phone from the rain so, what i got just speechless video about the snow came in front of me. it was magical moment that could make me never stop smiling and Lisa couldn't stop sending me messages too about that moment from her office. haha.. she had the same excitement as me.

Snow gone, i gone with the wind to the center,
Captured sturdy structure, still in my mind, why long long time ago they already have good architects! 

Fortress in the city center, i would imagine long time ago, this Blue Marcedez would be replaced with giant horse with blue layer on his back :)

The crowd in the marienplatz, U for Underground train, Salut for Europian public transportation, schedule and fast. from destination A to B if i walk it will take 13-15 min, it will be only 1 min with underground train! Mamamia..

Like the other European countries, churches are everywhere like Mosque are everywhere in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia :) It is St. Michael's Church near Marienplatz

St. Michael's Church from inside. 
Do you know there is mystery story about this church, the legend as i read in site, the architect Jorg van Halspach on 1468 had deal with Satan to build the church. Satan would provide if the church has no windows to let the light in, but Satan got tricked and left black footprint inside the church!
Black foot print of Satan and next to my shoe, the next Satan! Muahahahaha beware you!
Statue inside the church


No it is not part of the church, i moved to German Hunting and Fishing museum, just passed this sexy wild boar!

Another massive church, Frauenkirche

Inside of Frauenkirche

Do you see skull there? scary church!
Look, how tiny that guy on the ladder?

I told you that i walked up for 300 stairs above to see Munich from above? enjoy the pictures below.

Munich from sky view :)
The big Christmas tree become small from above :)

Near Munich Residenz, Rooaarr..

Yellow me behind yellow church, Theatine Church

I am in the complex of Residenz, complex of palace and garden Hofgarten

still in the same complex of Residenz Munich

Hmm.. who was the architect of this beautiful city?
Then, i was curious, if Germans could have beautiful palace and churches, so when they were babies what their toys till their heads are brilliants :D, i went to toys museums (don't ask me why i didn't go to history museums, well because i was monkeying around snow and my time finished before to history museums.)

the video shows where is the toys museum, Spielzeug Museum

Okay, they played locomotive train, seems Germans also human (not much different with other kids ) :P

Okay, i dont know who are they, maybe Pinochio's team?

What made me took this photo, because i had no idea what is that there, small sticks different than the  others above the piano. Nevermind :)
 after feeling tiring of traveling, i treat my self with a cup of Hot wine! Yes, indeed, it is common in winter, the wine is hot, yumm...
Hot Wine in the festival near Lisa's flat was 5 euro, was sweet and hot! perfecto for winter time :)

Then come the day where Lisa promised me to make my dream come true to touch down the SNOW oh SNOW! She drove her red tiny car to an area called Garmisch and exactly to the mountain of snow at EckbauerBahn mountain! 
I didn't know and expect at all that she would take me to the scene of movie Eddie The Eagle 2016 ! You could download the movie with torrent here.

Eddie the Eagle movie, has the scene of Olympic in Garmisch!

See, see, you see the Olympic Hill?! I was there!!!!
My private beautiful lady driver, Lisa!

I was too excited to see almost white area from the window's car... awwww... my heart beating!!

O... M.. G.. what are they?

What a view, i had on my way to you oh Snow !

Whaaat?? Whaat?? I step on YOU! Yes YOU!
My Angel body print on Snow! Awww..... i love you Snow, you are so fluffy, icy and witty

The one who made my day! Danke Lisa!




Couldn't stop smilling all the way when snow there!

Hmm.. sea of snow

Hope Mama, Cha and Papa feel what i feel that day

My bf Tono too

The snow land ruin because i played on it like a dog!

We went to Eckbauer mountain with that small cart

Very very very very very very very cooooooooooooooolllllll -3 degree Celcius

Wow, now i know why Indonesian Christmas tree will always full of white cotton as replacement of snow like here. 

Whoops.. is that me? YES!

Me again? YES!

What made us back to the car only the coldness, i would stay longer with the beautiful view like this masterpiece painting
The coldness will always make you feel the hungriness, and we went to German restaurant because i should try German food (don't mention the rice and pumpkin from my previous journey above, haha..)
Zum Wildschutz restaurant

You could choose the menu from German, Dutch or English version


I had Pork crust with salad, Schweinsbraten (don't ask me to read that). The portion too big for me! I asked to take away and the pork could be my breakfast for the next day.
Back to Lisa's flat, took a nap for few hours and we would have party in Saturday Night baby!
Wine before going to the club, because in the club the liquors price are too costly :)

Stolen Cake, occasional cake before Christmas, lucky me to taste it :)

another alcohol to make me Hi :)

Lisa and her room mate and her room mate's colleagues. They are ready for the party! 

Party time!

Performance in the club.
In the morning, the snow showed again to say bye bye to me. I am heading to Prague, Czech Republic.

Bye bye sweety Lisa, thank you very much for your time and the friendship.
Me Marco Polo will be continued.. sorry for long post.