Saturday, June 20, 2015



Do you wonder, how the chickenpox ready to be served in your body once of your entire life (some said it will back in 5 years later) ??!?

It is a Varicella-zoster virus from "you don't know who", cling to anyone who doesn't have fit body. 
Let's make an example, call the 'anyone' is Sia. Sia enjoys biking everyday, then one day she got fever, felt unwell to whole her bones, then the best part, Taaa.. daa.. Waterie Redish Troops come to show they are the leader of Sia's body! 

Sia becomes captive!
 She is isolated!
 No way to go anywhere, if Sia wants the best for the earth :[ !

Sia struggle to fight with those teaser waterie redish troops, they treat her badly, even she can't feel any pain from her worst enemy, mosquitos. Mosquitos are confused that Sia surrender easily....
Poor Sia...

Out of Topic: 
Indonesian call "got biting on your neck or else where" is Chipox!
and the result also same between Chickenpox and Chipox, haha.. Sexy Redish (exclude waterie for sure)...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'm in love

Long Distance Relationship Zone here.
I am in love, 
You are the package of the prettiest pain in my brain.
You are a story of beauty and the beast in my heart. 
You are ridiculously silly and smart ass in the same time. 
You are one of the trouble maker in my active passive life.
Situation and condition between us like the station without train and team, empty... 
I am tired of my terrible feeling in love with you.
I need doctor in October, can't help of the term "I am in love" any longer Babe.