Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventure @Trick Art Museum

Comments Wall!! I put my comment left above :)

Heyaaa ~~~~~
Adventure to showroom 3D paintings, all the paintings are from Korea.
Thanks, sweetie Yessica for inviting us (my twin sis & i) to see cool paintings around!

The paintings are from Picasso, Millet, Vasco De Gamma, etc.
All have good angles to be captured with models around :)

Take a look, our creations with those paintings!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

When I was in Salatiga

Salatiga, small, comfy, cool small city part of Central Java.
I came there because of my lovely (twin)  sis' graduation ceremony.
A place to see terrace of rice fields, 
A place to do silly things with my sis,
A place to rest from dusty, crowded metro'polutant' city, Jkt,
A place to 'gone with the coooollll wind' !

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quote for the Day

No Dream is too BIG!
Don't let small minds convince you otherwise.

Pic i got in my email and became wallpaper on office's notebook.
It Reminds me again and again about whatever silliness dreams you have, just be positive to yours.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Place to Take Deep Breath

 Journey in this Earth, isn't as simple as we want it, is it?
I keep busy in mind's labyrinth and much external factors. 
Those things make me fight with my self.
I always avoid fighting, debate, that make me lost energy, but i lost my energy most on doing thinking, thinking and thinking.
Sometimes i need to scream very loud!
Sometimes i need silence with deep breath. 
This place where i hide from universe of my own mind. I need deep breath.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hungry Like Crazy!

Ramadan month, when Muslim people do fasting, be quite, keep mind healthy from dirtiness, how about me?
I am hungrier even more for some reason!
This Ramadan month, i want to eat anything!
When people around me become calm, I am Omnivore!
I am afraid about my weight! -___-

Here some foods i have eaten in this weeks!

Mie Rebus Mas Ferdi - Hot Noodles by nice Office Boy named Ferdi. Damn Yummy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Sleeping

Let me be sleeping beauty on my way.
Let me dream about big things.
Let me enjoy the breeze while i'm sleeping.
Let me hope when i open my eyes, lot of coins in my empty cup.
Let me act like i am in comfy 'spring bed'
Just let me.
I'm sleeping.

Pic was taken @TJ Busway - GOR Sumantri.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tanah Abang's Street in the Morning

I always go to office by blue mini bus no. 08, it is called 'Angkot'. The rute of Angkot passes an famous area in Jakarta, the biggest textile market in south East Asia, Tanah Abang. It is an area for Wholesaler of fashions and accessories stuff in central Jakarta.
Tanah : Land, field
Abang : Red ( Javanese language), Big Brother (Jakarta language)
History of Tanah Abang still unclear, there were 2 history about it,
Tanah Abang it was a land which the land was Red, connected to history between battles of Mataram Troops and Batavia region in 1628.

Also another history,
Tanah Abang was symbol of a big brother gave a house/land to his younger.
it was 1648, when a China Captain 'Phoa Bhingam' asked to Dutch govt. to build a canal from South Jakarta. 

Here some photos i have captured, Tanah Abang's street in the morning by Angkot view,

Rush people in the street! Crowded is usual issue in Tanah Abang.
Cutie Clothes for kiddo
Colorful umbrellas contrast with the blue sky

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lonely Photographer

I saw him,
@West Sumatera Anjungan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Everybody has their own pocket camera or handphone to take pictures of that beautiful house, West Sumatera house.
I can feel him,
Idk, why he is still persistent being a photographer!
Life always has choices.
I am speechless with loneliness.
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Explore Minggu Ria

Yeah, the title just like i am a 'Debby the explorer'!!
Minggu Ria at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Minggu : Sunday
Ria : Cheers, happy
Minggu Ria is Cheerful Sunday. 
People gathering in Minggu Ceria~~

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an area that show about Indonesia islands within cultures, tribes, traditions, characteristics of each provinces like houses, clothes, wedding ceremonies, etc.

I went there with my lovely warm heart friend, Sinta. See, she has beautiful name like Goddess in India, doesn't she? Haha..
So just check it out my photos that i Have taken to explore colorful of Minggu Ceria.

Papua house
Me and Sinta, i cant rotate  it :(
Colorful Snails (Indonesians are very creative!!)