Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daring of Good Bye

When that door open, i can see the light hit my eyes, wake up call to me.
 I can hear birds singing sweetly like harmony of cello.
I am curious what's happen outdoor there?

Oh, but if i went to the light, how bout here? Would the darkness allow me to leave?
But i can't stay any longer with you oh darkness,
I want escape and smell that outdoor air,
Please don't hold me anymore,
You're beautiful hands hurt me for long time,
Would you let me taste that light?
I don't care what you said about pain if i met light,
You said, i will die but i think i will die faster if  i am still with you,
Sorry to hurt you oh darkness,
Let the power of light make me blind,
so i won't able to see you again oh darkness.
I don't want to see your sadness that can make me stay with you.

Sorry to betray you,
I like you but allow me to explore days with the light,
From now,
Good bye.
Good Bye.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Day has Come

Wow it's a new day after water day case ( hehe >_< ) , 
Always be sweet gal honey (Mr. Raj's advice),
Focus to work (Hana's advice), 
Focus to Healthy Diet Program (Haahaa ^o^v Debora's advice ),
Focus to save money to travelling anywhere i want, i want to feel gone with the wind (so classic ^~^),
When i went to Church yesterday morning, The Father told about,
" God never give overload duty to you "
He know we can carry the best as we can be.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bittersweet Met Him

Figure 1. Yahoo Messenger  is the  machine that made me met him
This story begin because Yahoo machine made "Join A Room" to make friends, when just get bored i entered a room to walk around. Many questions and asking to be friends in list, i sorted it first. Then i met him, as usual say: "hey", "how r you?", "asl?", "hows life?", "wht do u do?", "can i add you?" till "can i c u c2c or pic?"
All was going well, we talked about anything in our life, our past day, our future, our differences in religion, culture, our families, we celebrated delicious cooking on Ramadan day in our family's house. It felt like something missing if i were not online a day and met him.