Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Online Passport

How persistent I am, for 3 days I tried to make passport via online.
Always fail for hundred times!
What's wrong with you, oh Immigration Dept's Server ?!!
Lot ppl need you!

Take it easy Deb :)
Everything gonna be Okay °• (>̯-̮<) °
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Monday, October 22, 2012

bakwan pabean

Ni rasanya Bakwaan, baksonya mak nyooosss..
Baru titip Bu Manager, blm tau tempatnya :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blueberry Pancake by Me

Well well,

I was experimenting to make a pancake.
Its so simple :)
I don't know exactly the dose of how much 200gr of flour, I just mix n match the ingredients.
The ingre.
Flour, 2.5 teaspoons baking powder, icing sugar, salt, 2 eggs (coz it's experimenting, I put 1 egg not to extravaganza, haha), 1.5 to 3.25 cups of milk also, 2 tablespoons of melted butter.

And Wallah!!!
Pancake with Blueberry topping by Debby curly.

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RS Case

> Long time... I haven't been here.
> Miss writing so much,
> I will tell story on Oct 19th 2012,
> I bought first donut after long time no donut from 'Pak (Mr) Mamang (uncle)' , so it's like Mr Uncle! Yay, quite fun :p
> Let's the story begin,
> It's because I have abroad friend from Txxxxn country, just call him RS. He is sooo exited to go to Indonesia esp. Surabaya city. He have friend at NY city that so care to RS, just call him MD. MD told me that RS have Mania Bipolar Disorder, I just found out that people with that situation, should be like RS, sometimes too happy, feels exited, roaming, but sometimes so exhausted, tired, pale, full of depression till wanna do suicide!!
> RS told me hundred times gonna go to Surabaya coz there is a Capoira event. He had booked the flight too, from his country to Indo.
> At 19th he will arrive n ask me favor to help him to book Surabaya flight.
> MD was worry if RS will do something silly @Indo, coz he have that disorder also have known anyone here, that's make me to help RS whatever it is,
> Even though I have to find good reason to go out from office,
> Meet nice Rich Taxiku driver, Mr Mardi that have 17 room to be rented! Awesome, inspiring!.
> The Taxi cost was 70 IDR, soo saadd.. Its my 7 time meals :p
> Finally, I arrived at airport, Terminal 2E, nice international airport, I was googling, where is it, where should buy ticket domestic also, at Terminal 1C (from terminal 2 to 1 use airport car, as Mr Mardi said).
> I was confused lot of windows, people, porters, security guards, foreigners, handsome also funny faces,
> Then?
> I waited in wrong room also, moved again,
> I heard the operator was saying about RS' plane has been landing, Voila, in my heart saying, I will meet this crazy man! Helloo I waited for 2 hours, couldn't find him.
> All the faces almost alike! Wow!
> What happened? Did I miss him in other ways?
> I went out, no one like RS, I am so afraid if something happened to him.
> But I was so tired, fed up, felt guilty also.
> I was cooling down my head with buying Milk shake at A&W n ate Pak Mamang's donut, that's my lunch at airport.
> Can't help it, from A&W I looked more airport, maybe I could find him.
> Till a man thought I am a passenger that arrived from plane coz I brought 2 bags, 1 heavy notebook bag, 1 is my nice stuff there.
> That man offered me to back to Slipi, 130k IDR!!
> R u nut! I wanted to hit his head, but I stayed cool n looked around.
> Then, I choose to DAMRI bus only 20k IDR to Slipi with peace.
> As Riju, my online India bf said, "it's lesson for u dear, u have to collect info accurately and always think think think. Don't be so sensitive but do smart work."
> (o^-^o) ♡нeнeнeнeнe~°
> I got email from RS' mom, that he was sick also the passport was disappear also she said sorry for RS' act to me.
> Ya, let it be.
> It's over.
> Fiiiuuuhhh...
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