Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Curse Money?

Do you sometimes get money on the street accidentally? It is good topic, because few days ago i found money, not much just USD 4, but with that money i could eat 4 times for lunch here in Indonesia (if you choose cheap food stall), haha! 
 I found that money when i walked with my friend, Ding. 
How lucky we were!! >.<

We did debated about it, i told her, some people believe (Javanese) if you found money you have to say mantra 'Hey, i found my lost money!' , so nothing will happen!! Also, if you found money, don't you ever dare used that money to buy some food or drinks! because could be someone who lost the money will curse you and the food you've eaten might be full poison or could damage your tummy!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pain Paint

 This very late time, i was packing my goods for silly plans and found this cutie deep painting unconditionally in a diary.
Since long time ago, I do thinking much, it is pain for every questions who i look for the answers till now and haven't found yet, or might be i have found it just not sure is it the correct ones.
Pain Paint,
'What Should I Do?'

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Song I was Looking For!

Brave by Sara Bareilles

This cheerful song made me had to listen carefully for getting the lyric and to find out who's the singer and title!
I told my self, i have to get this song in my favorite list! I recorded it when Radio played it, googled the lyric and...
I got it!
After downloading, I hear it hundred times while walking for 10 km from bus station to rent room in South Jakarta, this lovely song accompanied me in the darkness and grave yard area, hahaha..

This song reminds me when i was young, i have disability to speak up, no friends. I tried hard to speak up whatever in my mind, but my tounge so difficult to compromise with my heart!
So sick when you want everybody hears you but you can't express it, hope this song help anyone who has same problem with me long time ago.

See you be Brave!