Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tanah Abang's Street in the Morning

I always go to office by blue mini bus no. 08, it is called 'Angkot'. The rute of Angkot passes an famous area in Jakarta, the biggest textile market in south East Asia, Tanah Abang. It is an area for Wholesaler of fashions and accessories stuff in central Jakarta.
Tanah : Land, field
Abang : Red ( Javanese language), Big Brother (Jakarta language)
History of Tanah Abang still unclear, there were 2 history about it,
Tanah Abang it was a land which the land was Red, connected to history between battles of Mataram Troops and Batavia region in 1628.

Also another history,
Tanah Abang was symbol of a big brother gave a house/land to his younger.
it was 1648, when a China Captain 'Phoa Bhingam' asked to Dutch govt. to build a canal from South Jakarta. 

Here some photos i have captured, Tanah Abang's street in the morning by Angkot view,

Rush people in the street! Crowded is usual issue in Tanah Abang.
Cutie Clothes for kiddo
Colorful umbrellas contrast with the blue sky
The Greeny skinny porters waiting  people, their job is to lift huge shopping bags' from the buyers
Sandals with many many Rainbow colors!
Relaxing Sellers waiting noon.


  1. tanah abang is not only about street stall and the famous shopping arcade, it has lot of delicious food to taste and historical buildings ;)

      Ah yes, let's meet up and let's eat those foods while admire historical buildings :)