Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No More You

Yes, please, No More you.
The sign that you give to me called Hurt.
That hurt make me produce tears more than expectation,
That hurt make me can't see clearly even sun accompany me, 
That hurt make me can't hear any melodies even birds sing only for consoling me,
That hurt make me can't speak loudly only unlimited whispering in my heart that broken, hurt.

Again, please, No More you!
You make me blind,
You make me deaf,
You make me mute.

No More you around me,
I can see How strong I am,
I can hear beautiful harmony of nature,
I can speak up with universe

No More you,
I feel peace.

*got inspiration from a friend that separate with a Man.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ayam Bakar Kalasan

@Ayam Goreng Tiga Rasa
Jl Dr Muwardi I No. 34
West Jkt
My expression for the food,
One word Yummmyyyy and four thumbs up!!
Also cheap, only 9k IDR
Rice 3k IDR
Hot tea 500 IDR
Thx bro Tan took me there ^^

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mie Ayam~~

Chicken Noodles or Mie Ayam is one and favorite food Indonesian ppl :)
And good food in every time you need.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Putu, the one and my best Java food that I loved since I was kiddo.
When putu around, it have sound like screaming wanting attention that they are here!!
The sound come from the air from inside the "what to call" hmm complicated, just call the stove/ hand made machine to cook putu. :p
The ingridients of Putu such as coconut, Java/brown sugar, Powder.
How to make it,
Put the ingridients to the small bamboo and also in the middle of ingri. put the Java sugar. After that put the putu to the complicated called machine tht I mentioned before XP
And Voila!!!
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Patung Apa Itu?

Naik Taxi dari Ciputat menuju Tanah Abang, melewati Sudirman, menemui sesosok patung megah nan artistik.
Ku tanya pada supir taxi,
"Patung apa tuh Pak?"
Sontak, ia menjawab
"Patung tak punya malu."
Please donk ah.. Pak supirnya GajeBoooo..

Unique Vespa

I found out this unique Vespa at Kota Tua area.
I can imagine, who is the owner?
Will be the genre of Bob Marley RIP.
Yo Ma Man!!
Whats up Man?!

So who gonna be?

Went to Mandiri Bank Museum,
And did so many poses, one that I like.
So, who gonna be my Mr Right?
Well, I amnot totally right, left for exactly, haha.. So my Mr Right have to get used with all my silliness also kindness :)
Cheers (:

Soto Sirun

As info that I got, it is in Jl Tanah Abang 3,
18k IDR

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memorize you

Hello old Eye Shadow,
Thanks for accompanying me this long and make me beautiful at every day.
Even, because of you I got acnes or pimples around, but thanks again,
You could save my days before.
Now good bye.
Take a rest.


Next step my feet gonna be here,
"Swadeep krap"
I got the t-shirt from nice boss

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Raja Ampat!

Kyaaaa!!! Damn Holy Grace!!! I really want to back to Irian (i love call it than Papua) island again, I havent visited Raja Ampat yet. Gosh! That place damn beautiful, ppl says paradise on earth. Where the paradise is there, so angel like me should come to. Lol.
First of all, I have to learn how to swim and diving!
So, See you Raja Ampat!

#pic got from google

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Water Castle Yogyakarta

Taman Sari, Water Castle at Yogyakarta city. It was a site for King and His Hareems and Princess to do relaxing.
Only 1 sentence from me,
"Beautiful to be real being princess that time."
Dominated with bird and flowers ornaments around the walls, symbol of hobby the Central Java citizen (birds) & beauty (flowers).
I cant imagine how it was before erupted Merapi mountain came, must be very very amazing place with lake around and ppl when wanna get there used canoes.
There was a underground mosque too.
it is one of gorgeos site at Yogyakarta.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ma' Twins

She is ambitious,
Lazy (sometimes),
But cute and have pure heart.
That's why I love her much.
We are beautiful twins,
Thanks God, she is my wonderful sister I ever had.
She is my best things!
Dearest Ma Twin,
Let's rock the world babe!
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Patung Selamat Datang

Patung Selamat Datang - Welcome Statue
Symbol of Jakarta.
It was built for welcoming athletes to do Asian Games IV (1962) at Jakarta, that's why the statue so friendly like saying: 'Hey welcome!' While bring flowers.
The tall of it from head to feet is 5 m,
From 'Hey hand' to feet is 7 m,
And 10 m from pool to the statue.
There was rules that mentioned to build a building not more than Monas Monument's tall, 132 m.
Btw, person that made it Henk Ngatung (1921-1991), an artist also vice governor DKI Jakarta (1960-64) and became governor at 64-65.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Traveling with Kopaja

Do you ever felt how great shock therapy when you are in Roller Coaster?
You can feel that also in the road by Kopaja bus!
I wonder why the driver so good, could calculate exactly where to slip over hundred motor cycles, cars, bikes.
Wanna feel how great they are,
Try Kopaja 16 to Ciledug at evening. Wow.
I could say, Roller coaster on the road dude ^_~
Gonna be your Perfect Crazy Journey!
One more note,
You need to "knock the roof of the bus" to make it stop rolling, and here we go, suddenly the driver gonna push the break automatically! And you need something to hold if you dont wanna fall.
Happy trying :)

Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang

Kyaaaaa.. ^_~
It is cutie, delicious Rice
You have to eat it with peanut sambal also chicken and tahu - tofu red.
Mmmm... Yummy
@Nasi Uduk Pak Zainal
Kebon Kacang

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sondak Beach

Sondak Beach,
And Innocent
Just like ghetto girl.
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Here I am,
Just like I ever dreamed about,
I was in totaly big building, waited outside, coz it was locked.
I dont understand, why that dream came after me.
Now see,
I am here, in big building.
Locked, It will open in about quarter hour.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today - Pass

I walked long long way,
Thanks feet,
You just know me so well.
All in my head was only thought about,
I need to be Princess Aurora today, a beautiful disney character.
Sleep for centuries,
No worries about past and future,
Just close eyes.
I passed numbers from office's notebook,
I passed dust in the terrific road,
I passed peoples with their minds,
I passed today with no words to express.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I come to this blog with very moody mood again.
Dont know how to feel.
Sad, why?
Happy, what kind of things that could make me feel it?
Angry, with whom?
Satisfy, how can?
Hungry, what food that make me full? as I know I am full enough with questions on my mind, its like never ending stories of questionaries.
Thirsty, what kind liquid? Blood, oil, rain?
Must be something wrong with me, external and internal factors.
Any idea to do coloring grey be my fav color?
(moment : ignoring someone, no skype, no yahoo, kik on, whtsapp on - but noone buzzing lol, finding side job, jobs desc, sad song play near ears, dreams have not come true yet)
(gonna : be sleeping beauty, pray, wake up with smile, face the cloudy sky, say hello to sun and cats around the park and say, I can! )
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea No Sugar

I read that tea could help brain to memorize better.
When I went to Jkt for first time, I got confused, why ppl here drink tea without sugar?
Taste so plain!
Taste just not sweet as me, lol.
Now, it's usual things to me.
Tea No Sugar accompany me every morning.
Life can not be sweet forever, sometimes you feel bitter like black coffee or plain like tea no sugar as I drink this morning.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Night Life

Mmm.. Today lesson,
Karouke, Black Label, Vodka Rasberry and dancing.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey Mr On Off

Started Realizing at Plaosan Temples
Where i have to start?
hmm... 'Mr On Off' is the one that i wait every single night in this last 1 year. 
Why i call him 'Mr On Off'?
He will ON when he is totally free, will be OFF suddenly without permission if work come.
Why he become so special to me?
He is simple, smart (or i am too fool maybe. haha..) , and the best of them is sweet.
He knows to arrange words become wonderful sentences, mix and match between good and bad words.  He knows how to please girls especially my heart. LOL.
He gives me lot of informations about anything, he wants me to be smarter, bold and the one. see, only writing his story, make me little bit miss him.
Yes, when he was offline, pheeww.. life just like soup without salt. LOL

Hey Mr On Off,
very very thanks to accompany me for 1 year even i dont know how you look like, i still remember your voice, purely Indian accent. We already thanked to internet and yahoo that has made us meet each others. Now, you think, i forget and leave you? Well, 'Mr On Off' i have seen the reality, what was that? what relationship we have built? you know me very well, but i dont. 

The important things, When i fall, you aren't there and vice versa.

I hate promises, all words you have said just like beautiful scenario in my mind.
I think, before i have more doubts, better say, 
it's enough 'Mr On Off'.
Let yahoo team keep our story in its' history database.