Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mark Bayu Kunzelmann

Who are you cutie boy? If i were still single, i would ask you to date with me.. sorry Mark Bayu.. at the moment, i have my Tono, so maybe next time? (If your mom agreed and Tono didn't know :P)

sleeping cutie!

Have a nice life in far away soon Annie.. be happy and cheerful as always.

Grumpy face.. ggrrr..
For Mark Bayu Kunzelmann, your chubby cheeks remind me with my chubby grandma... sweet, chewy and lovable! Be good boy ya.. help mommy and papi ya :D

Maybe we could meet again or no.. just thanks to be around aunty Debby with your innocent face.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Andiamo nel mercato antico

We 《father, cha and me》 go to antique market!
My dad like to go to unique market, looking for goods.. The market, you can find second hand things.
Il mio papà piace a andare nel mercato antico, cerca cose.. Il mercato antico, tu puoi trovare di seconda mano cose. Allora, noi possiamo visitare da imagini:

la situazione! 《The situation》

le gemme di anneli 《The stones of the rings》

dei soldi antici 《some old money》

le cassette vecchie

tu puoi cercare tutti!! 《You can find everything there!!!》

Papà sempre cerchi la macchina di cosa!! 《OMG, Dad always search for car's thing!》

Di seconda mano vestiti 《the second hands' clothes》

Guess what Papà has found??!
He got too unique thing that even he didn't know the use of that thing!
Papà capisce uno tutto!

I did googling to know what is that, aaannddddd.. the answer of that "Salpingograph" use is for diagnostic procedure primarily used for evaluating patency of fallopian tubes. It was introduced as a screening procedure for infertility investigations. 《Source from wikipedia, i feel bad to tell him the truth that the use of the cute things of his now is for fertility and pregnancy tester -__- 》

Grazie tutti!
Ciao per oggi.
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