Friday, March 24, 2017

Bats world?

Am i still in the earth?
Why seems i am in Bats world?! Tooooooo much bats on the sky! I amazed! Wow..

They are brown, have wings, hanging on the trees and chit chat whole day and at the right time they would explore..

Afternoon story of unusual thing by protected bats in Jabiru.

Wonderful Real Painting

Who is the painter of this breathaking view?

I am living in far away roadhouse, Australia. I get that view just today after work. It makes me speechless..

Good Bye Jabiru

Bye wonderful and the only one Bakery in somewhere nowhere :* it was my pleasure to be there!
I was part of those "orange tshirts" team
Hey Lovely woman Renee and Cute Stefan! Thank you for many many for you..
Eerr.. not too exciting for packing :P
Wallah ready to go!
One best Sunset i captured
Jabiru you are ROCKS!!
Belanda and Indonesia! (Dutch guy who has car, well good to know you! So i can use you for sight seeing! :P JK Jeff)
Far away beautiful Rock
AngBangBang Billabong! Can't Swim! Crocs are everywhere watching you o.O
This is my last Roster (@Kakadu Bakery), the touching one with "Thank You" message there. Aww.. mellow
Gathering before leaving. Thank you for the days we spent and the earing gifts cutie!
Aww.. cute niece Haillie..
Broken sandals.. sign to leave soon..
Pose to call crocs to come :P
North Territorry must have 4WD Car, because the road will be waving like that Chips!
Turmoise house! Bigger than me!!
Triplets. Belanda (Dutch), Indonesian, Korean.. beware with some flies when you go to Kakadu National Park
Hmm.. path somewhere to find natural pool that we couldn't reach because we dont have 4WD Car :)
Crab Time! Get free from a nice guy who move from Jabiru too. Thanks King!
The most expensive Yakult yogurt i ever seen. Haha.. in Indonesia will be 1$ for 5 bottles for sure.
Eid mubarak in Australia be like getting very very very good food from Sis Eka, an Indonesian lady who has sensational hand for cooking!
Rrcommended this spirit! Yumm!!
My time for this adorable Haillie again :*
Oops.. new glasses (price tag $35)
1st July, fireworks time! The only part in Oz who allow to play fireworks in 1 day is North Territory! Wow.. in Indonesia was Eid Mubarak time, i celebrated in Jabiru with private fireworks.. well not bad, just the photo was bad :)
Meeting those guys at home, will be like making cake!
Again.. us.. enjoying yummy junk food, burger $6!
Jabiru has 1 swimming pool that i just visit in my 5th months there. Haha.. the first and last one visit ;)
Simple Water spinach cooking.. thank you Sis Eka for the Wter Spinach gift! Damn how good inam on cooking. Bahaha
Partner in Crime! Lisa, very lovely Germany girl who can be crazy together! Collecting food from secret box of the bakery. Haha.. We dont steal.. just opportunist or we called it in bad way, eerrr beggars? Lol
Only in Oz, the cotton bud very very big! Helloo.. My ears holes arent that big!
Amazing moment! Catched 2 fish in 1 day and released them back to water again, because the fish only about 53 cm. :( we cant keep fish if they arent 55 cm! Well, the good news only me in that boat who fishing with me around 5 persons including me, and only me got the fish! Whaat??!!! Yes! Thanks a looot for nice twins Greg and Jeff for inviting me to join your free tour! :*
Arhemn Land! Place where local people (Aboroginal) staying. Need permission ticket to enter that area and guess what? I got free seat on the tour. One of favorite spot i could step on Kakadu :) . Beautiful

Jabiru, part of Kakadu National Park, North Territory Australia. Half of my year i have spent in this village. I really feel grateful that Kakadu Bakery contact me that time (25 Feb 2016) to work with. Unforgetable moment to be part of the team with them, especially The Boss Erwin! Haha.. he reminds me with "Gru" one of character in "Despicable" Disney movie. :)

Wow, i feel the universe is beside me, from the photos make me go back and yes! I got fascinating! They are amazing!

Time to say Good bye Jabiru!

Just info:
Jabiru is name of a big Bird ( i haven't seen it unfortunately)