Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lombok Island, Hidden Place Finding Crystal Clear Beach

Hey again!
I have homework to do, share my thousands pictures of beautifulness nature!

Lombok island, where my lovely sis, Cha lived at the mo for duties. 1,345 km from Jakarta to Lombok. Almost 2 days by car then jumped to boat and crossed the sea, 1.5 hours by plane.

I went there with crew of family, Mom, Dad to take Cha in new place. Second time, i got awesomeness birthday gift from Cha, flight tickets to explore Lombok! Aww.. Blessed!
Merci beaucoup dunia!

Ok won't be too long, time to share photos. A photo explains thousand words...

Black Sand somewhere in Lombok after exploring beautiful Sendang Gile n Tiu Kelep waterfall!
Sade Villager, this village has unique tradition. If the guy wants to marry a girl, he has to kidnap her from the parents for 1 day. The next day tell to girl's parent, your daughter is belong to me, i wanna marry her! Hmmm... unique!

Wild but not harrassed

Wild monkeys that we found in the main road of North Lombok to see Sendang Gile n Tiu Kelep waterfall.. 
Senggigi beach from Malimbu Hill, what do you think?
Senggigi beach from Malimbu hill
Tanjung Aan is great!
Spicy Sate 
Black sand beach, somewhere in North Lombok
Tiu Kelep waterfall near Sendang Gile waterfall! What i say for this one? Top of perfecto! (Except the dirty around :( )
My bf presence
Another spot in Narmada Garden, amazing!
Old Generation of Sade Villager, she makes the woven clothes for selling to tourists 
Teased water n wave @Senggigi beach

Posed in front of Sade village
Renting motorbike and gone with the wind with mommy!
Family Portrait @Sendang Gile waterfall
Majority in Lombok is Muslim, but Hindu has influence also like in Bali, because long time ago the kingdom of Mataram Lombok did colaboratoon with Bali Kingdom :)
Sendang Gile waterfall, edited by G+
Tanjung Aan Beaaaccchhhhh
. I love to be here only with my bikini!
Get lost. Senggigi beach made you gone with the wave!
@Sendang Gile! Wow waterfall
A door in Narmada Garden building. Narmada Garden was place for King to get rest and praying.
Another Sengigi beach in Cloudy Sky!
Sengigi beach, edited by G+
Senggigi beach in Sunset time!
Taste pristine holy water +Narmada Garden , to enter to this sacral, you need permission to key person. Give charity fund outside n inside of the pond.. hmm.. 
Almost got the attack from you meanie horsie, but you are cute for selfie!
Buffalows around Seger beach hills! Perfect shoot!
Seger Beach! Seger = Fresh, see i told you hidden place to find crystal clear beach!
Hello dogie!
Carlos, me, Amalia, Jo! Swimming time @Tj. Aan Beach.. very calm and unbelievable beautiful! I took them to see and feel Tanjung Aan beach's pesona
Meeting nice n friendly Phil girl, Jo! We are wearing same shirt from Bali! What a soulmate we are..

New Year Eve at Senggigi beach!
Heavy rainy, 1 half beer plus apple flavor smirnov still made me awake for driving motobike under the heavy Rain! Crazeee... haha..

What a lovely days!
Thank you universe, you're beautiful..
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