Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mudik (Bahasa Indonesia)

Mudik is an Indonesian term of the activity which migrants/migrant workers to return to their hometown. Mudik is identical with an annual tradition that occurs ahead of major religious holidays such as before Lebaran / Eid Mubarak (Muslim celebration day).

In fact, i dislike the process of Mudik, huge Indonesian population take the chance of this celebration to back to hometown! Why do i dislike this process? Because it will be chaos when they get long holidays like 7 days and want to meet far away relatives, all mass transportation will be full booked and expensive, driving own car or motorbike will have issue in the very very crowded road, too risky if you love your life! Aww.. in this situation, i wished could prefer stay comfy on my bed.. but no.. for a cutie friend, i must attend her important day, wedding day!

Wallah congratulation, cap cay Ajeng!
For you, Constantina Widi Ajeng, i will travel 352s km by train with full of people and their variant smell :{ !

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My partner dear

My partner dear,
just few seconds we broke up, i missed you already, again. We are like pair of shoes, without one will be incomplete, lost. It is not possible wearing 1 shoe, i need you the most!

But, just today is historical moment in our relationship diary, we changed status from "being virtual relationship" become "starting live in reality", so i wished you enjoy the fullest of life! I cant say much, my eyes are tired of producing tears and starting the dehidration of your image.

Sincerly yours,

Shoe partner.