Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hoax of Recruitment Job! Deception Day

Beep beep.. (sms tone on mobile phone).

Dear Theresia Debby your profile of CV has been approved, please do register that we have sent to you by email.

Then i checked email, it seemed trusted, but let's find out the odds!

You have to register to us on 1st day today before 6 pm and we will send you to Balikpapan city on 2nd day, all the cost will be on the company matters. (Hmm.. what a surprise i could travel to another city free!) On the paper showed, the participants who couldn't come, would be disqualificated!
But, when i sms back, "i couldn't, thanks."
He: " why, any problem?"
I : " I have something to do till mid of Nov."
He: "when will be your available time?"
Seemed he wanted me to be in that interview, as i know in the paper, the one who couldn't come just disqualificated, hmm.. am i so important?!
Something fishy started,
1. He kept insist me to do register for interviewing
2. The name of the director on that paper signed same name like who sent me sms, WTH..!! Director is doing for sms ing many participants! Are you lost mind sir?!
3. They asked the participants to send money through ATM to "Citra Mandiri Tour Travel" and will give back when it has finished, what a bullshit!

I googled, found some stories about people got tricked by the same modus.
Thanks for google and people who shares their experience! Some sources i read about this holy hoax deception!
Rumah pengaduan
Story from 9ian
Story of Princess Verona

Keep watch out pals.. these people used big companies (Chevron, Lins Petrotama, some oil and gas co., etc) to tricked candidates, i had tricked long time ago.. beware always.
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