Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is it?

Why my title "What is it?" ,
Because I don't know too what's happen now, What is it?
Now 2.31 am. Watching Korean Drama "Lie to Me". Appear invisible to everyone in ym, so i can have concentration of the movie.
Hmm.. if you have a good relationship, a boyfriend (bf) i mean in far far away distance, what will you call to that relationship? "Long distance relationship" or" Feel same as being single" relationship?
When he said, he will call you, what you do ladies?
The answer is waiting, of course that's the rules, but when the man don't call you even text to you and not make your mobile phone alerting. What will you do ladies?
waiting again. wow, why ladies are loyal persons?
I wear White Teddy bear pajama and sit near the windows, look to the stars and look to the land of flowers. Waiting you, seems in the stars i can see your smile and in the garden i can smell your perfume. It's perfectly you around me.
Oh, what is it?

LOL, just my fingers are dancing in the keyboard of Thinkpad X100e, all just imaginary. don't worry. I am still

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