Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bali's A Gift To Mama

Dear Mama,

I just wanna say thank you, you are so great to me, so patient bear me and very rare I see you get angry, you always and always can control your self, you are so strong but soft. Once day, I heard you were curious about Bali, I've heard an idiom, 'You aren't Indonesian, if you haven't come to the Goddess island yet, Bali!!'
So, I decided that day, Bali is a gift for your B'day Mama in 2013! It is a must for me.
And I made it! I was really really satisfy to see your smile, Mama.

here we go, 
memories of Bali,
Jimbaran Beach

Kecak Dance

Cycling Moment!
Rent Motorbike and get lost to visit Batur Mountain!! 

They look like Balinese! @Tirta Empul

Batur Mountain... beautiful!

Takin' bath @Tirta Empul, water comes from earth.

We are on smiling pose after cycling!

Balinese Food, bon appetite!
Candles unique place!! cutieee------

Small Painting, around 25000IDR

Wood Statues

Debby @Jimbaran Beach

Yippieee... passed the wave!! @Jimbaran Beach

Kecak Dance, unique dance without music instruments, just from voices of the dancers (around 70 persons), the dance has story behind.

Gajah Cave, have to wear sarong if you wear short pants :)

And many more memories, lol
Dropbox Photos

Thanks for the universe and all friends who support me to make this thing happened, I really appreciate that!!


  1. Woow .. Can I become your mom for a week next year?

  2. Amazing!! Debee is an artist of herself to makes every thing look artistic beautiful. I feel pleasure to see her smiling, so others around too for sure! Have fun, smiles and stay confident..... Thanks- MP

    1. yes MP :) Will do!
      thanks for hearing and greeting me anytime :)
      the power of yahoo... lol

  3. Hohhoohoho I see a sexy pic there hahaahhahahha
    U look pretty babe..
    See ur pics make me miss Bali so much..
    Happy bday to ur lovely mom,wish the God's bless always be with u n ur fam

    1. Forget to write my name hahahha..

    2. Mbak Roe.....
      hahha... sexy picture? which one? :p
      so, let's go to Bali agaiiinnn~~~
      Thanks for your wishes Mbak Roe :)

    3. Like tono said before..pic nmbr 13,u look cute babe..xixixixixixi..
      Do u hv a plan to go there again?

    4. jiakakka..
      thank you :*
      yeah have plan, but go to next island, Lombok, how about that mbak?
      wanna join?

    5. Wwwwuuuuuuaaaaaa Lombok..
      Sound great darl..I never been there before..I hope I can join with u there.

  4. I agree with Roeri pic no 13 Sexy
    " Mermaid came out among the waves "

    1. I think pic no 13, the story about fisherwoman lost her boat and she beats the waves, because they took it!
      she is on anger! 'gggrrrr...'

  5. Nice places. Wish i was there too:-)

  6. Replies
    1. Me Debby.

      your place also good place to see Murat :)

  7. in picture 13 why no one on the beach except you ?


    1. Hi Tono,

      it was too early to get tourist that time, Jimbaran will full in the evening, ppl will prepare for dinner. also, when i was there not on holiday or high season :) so just me, my self and i, haha..