Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wow my day? very rush! dust! crush! Shut!

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Why my day was like that??
I am an Account Manager , Sales (^^)' and i could be a delivery man also. Why was that? My client really need high class Notebook ASAP!! but that day none driver. What could i do when your client pushed you via Blackberry message over times also made your mobile phone ringing and alerting?!!
"Alright. alright Mrs. Mr. I will send the Notebook after lunch (^___^)' ".

My journey began (",)

I took High class Notebook (price almost 1748 USD - Gosh!! [*0*] ) and took my office no cam Notebook (lol) and my bag, i put my no cam Notebook to my boarding house and then back to the street looked for taxi.
@ Taxi, crowded road, damn Jakarta! I was worry about the numbers near taxi driver, the numbers was going bigger, increased. Eeeerrrrr (-,-)a.
and it was true! Haven't reached the client's building yet, that number already 45000 IDR ( 46 USD)!! So, i asked the driver, " Mr. Please stop at near shelter, i think my money not enough (-,-)'  " How embarrasing it was. hahaha...
driver said, " I am sorry ya Miss."
me: "'s alright Mr. driver. Thanks" - How polite that driver, I didn't blame anything to him just to my self, why i had no plan to do anything, no right decide at the right place? I could ask him to stop near building, so i just could cross the traffic road, but i picked another road and follow traffic road. confused with what i said? yes me too. LOL, leave it.
@ Shelter of Transjakarta, i lifted that hi class NB. heavy? of course laa. haha..
Voila, @my client's building, where is he? 29th floor. Great!!
Did administration, took picture of me for security. done.
@ 29th floor, met him. talked.. talked.. talked.. then time to checking of NB condition.
" Debby, what is this? a DOT ?"
I was speechless for a momment. then,
 " WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!! How can?! Wow. Gosh."
from 29th floor (still lifted the High class NB AGAIN!) to Ground Floor => Administration checking =>walked to shelter transjakarta again => transit to another shelter => walked to office.
G.R.E.A.T !!!

Walked to boarding house again with rainy accompany me. Wow. what a wonderful world [^v^].

It was my day very rush! dust! crush! Shut! yours??


  1. byuhhhh... tu yg pas km blg pdq d chat lg d taxi yah... amazing yak! unforgettable too...ckckck....

    1. iyoaaa... gaya ya chatted by ym on the taxi.
      Tapi akhirnya turun juga di halte busway karena uang ga cukup. hadeeehhh... hidup itu Indah kalau dinikmati, tapi memang keras bila dirasakan ;)

    2. sabar buuuuuu, semakin byk pengalamanmu, smakin kriting rmbtmu....#lho?! wkwkwkk