Monday, May 14, 2018


People says being single is freedom,Another says being single is empty room,I agreed both. 

Since i moved in Bali, one of beautiful island in Wonderful Indonesia and i am single in the most free island in Indonesia!! That is a shame. ha ha.. 

Balinese death ceremony, jl imam bonjol, busy road in Bali, uncommon day
Balinese death ceremony in very busy road, Jl Imam Bonjol. I admire that Indonesia has so much culture like this.
Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia, beautiful, wonderful Indonesia
Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia
Selfie with panorama of Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia
Very beautiful landscape and i would involve for sure, but only the stick was with me to help me captured the moment. :)
fun, happiness of children playful in Tegenungan Waterfal, Bali,Indonesia
Look how happy are they, so i got the temptation to jump too!! I need to jump, i am here in Bali, in beautiful Waterfall, i don't give a damn that i don't bring bikini or towel or even companion. ha! 
Being single, doesn't mean that you are Single together :) , The others not!
I decided to jump, and the result the water was bbbrrrrrr... very cooooolddd.. but the most coldness is, my background! Being single, sometime i would have devil envy mind to see romantic couple. hahahah... 

Okay, next..

Being single makes me push my self, because who else would push me? I have no option, like:
I booked my private rent room (size 4x3 msq) from hometown (it's like 709 km from Bali) and the awesome moment is the room, exactly empty room just like my heart.
empty room, being single in Bali, feeling
My New Place in Bali, the God island. 
 I arrived at 4 p.m to Bali island rent motorbike and drove by my own to my new place for 2 hours (another 3 hours journey from hometown to fly to Bali) and faced that my room just a dusty empty room without single bed, no pillow, no broom, no mop.. oh no.. i can't sleep on the floor after the amazing tired journey i had. So, in the late night, i hunt for a bed for me, i am the queen, i need to have good sleep please not floor.

The next day, who gonna push my self to fulfill the emptiness of my room? 
Of course my self!
I bought broom, towel hanging, fan, buckets, mop, cleaner and it was just the beginning.
towel hanging, fan, buckets, mop, cleaner and it was just the beginning.
Oh yeah, i am the driver. Solo explorer. 
 Not only that, another day below figure show how strong you could push your self, because you are single.

carry Printer in Motorbike, Bali, Indonesia, journey as solo
Bought second printer for my project and the seller helped me tied the printer to my motorbike. Again i am the DRIVER. haha.. and the result the printer was hang, i couldn't use it and i had to back to the seller again, and pick it up again. What a life! #rollingeyes
Again still another day, the story goes on. 
In my mind for my empty room, i need table and seat so wallah .........

table and seat, chair, drive my own with motorbike in Bali Indonesia
Yes, what you see is A study table and the seat! still i am the driver for that delivery package to my place. perfect day!
sorry motorbike, carry table and seat and other stuff, Bali , Indonesia
The photo from front side, my speed was like 10 km/hour haha.. it drove me crazy when i couldn't be who i am, i am the friend of fast speed :P, my normal speed in motorbike is 60-80 km/hour!! 
Update photo (below) on 17 May 2018, i bought a container and a mirror for my project. As usual, i had to take them to my place again by my own, it was 20 km distance and took me more than an hour to reach my place because i have to be very slow with the fragile mirror, oh mamamia.. 
Very gentle and kind staff in Mitra10 Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai, Bali, Indonesia, home shopping mall
The staff in mitra10 shopping mall helped me packed my stuff. Thanks to you :)
Another update photo on 19 May, 2018. Bought two small yellow seats and Magic com (Rice cooker), I am Indonesian, can't live without RICE... No Rice? oh no no...
Bought rice cooker and two yellow seats in Lottemart, no staff help me :(
Oh Gosh, what is really happening to me? Why does everything seem repeat >.< . this another complicated session, no staff helped me because in Lottemart mall, they won't provide plastic bag and rope. I have to bring everything by my own. How am i supposed to bring rope all the time, do you think i would do suicide or what? I went to Lottemart unplanned and i never thought a big mall like that would not have rope to help customer carry their brand new stuff from their mall to customers' motorbike. Strange! Anyway, i am still could manage it again.

Do you think they are easy job to do? 
I don't think so, because my outfit to pick up those stuffs or my outfit of the day whenever i would face the day in Bali would be like : (check below figures)

full outfit , skiing, Bali, Alpen Mountain, outfit of the day
Yes, Yess.. I am in Bali not going to skiing in Alpen Mountain! But sorry, the sun here is too much biting your skin. You would see locals wear full jacket to protect their skins, if they don't = they are tourists! haha..

Again it's my daily outfit to travel with motorbike Bali, Indonesia
Even tho i wear all the protection with sunblock, my skin burn already.. oh Sun.. thank you for being too shiny, i don't mind if you being cloudy too. haha..
See my outfit above, Bali temperature in daily is 29 degree Celsius, It is hot and my outfit make me even hotter!! (i don't know why i am still single if i am hotter, lol)
So, those jobs above, they aren't easy at all darling. 
Being single is suck but free, you could do insane stuff because you have to. :)

Bonus photos:
jacket, gloves, scarf, mask, sunglasses gone
Inside of my wrapping outfit (jacket, gloves, scarf, mask, sunglasses), would appear my real outfit for tea time or lunch. :P

dark, it's ok, i am cute, i am beautiful, i am sexy
See, even i keep wearing many protection i am getting dark, can you see me there? I hope. 
Ciao Adios.
Deep Condolences for Indonesia because of Idiot Terrorists attack our beloved country. We are not afraid of you disgusting terrorists!

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