Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fooling Time

~Fooling time~
             I am old lady with very young mind, we can say this case innocent. This year my age 24 years, wow.. what a big surprise!! No lover, No job, No real smile :D (hahaha..kidding.. i love true smiles). I was fresh graduate from private University in my small city and i love to dream to reach sky like teenagers... Meet Prince Charming (in fact there are no Prince Charming, i already woke up about this fact), Go Round the world with Money in pockets ( i think this people dreams too).
            So, i decided to fulfill my second dream i have to get scholarship abroad!!! Really that's my dream... but you know things happened around me for few days, i met friends also unpredicted persons. My friends talked me to join job fair in my college, when i did, i had to prepared to make CV, Resume, interview also dizzy psycho test. My friends that joined it worried about unsuccessful accepted in the Firms, but coz i am in fooling time to reach my second time, i just worried about if i could be accepted by Firms... lolz.. I will be so confused to explain Firms about my willingness to study again to get Master by abroad scholarship, I was afraid will be get fine if i were in contract work. hahahaha.. Fooling time.
No worry about jobless. Funny time.
              Then my mom worried about my age and my fool dream (i said it second dream), she wanted me to look for jobs quickly coz i am getting older, no Firms will accept me later. oooh. God. What should I do? Worrying mom became stronger coz she met unpredicted person that i already said above, unpredicted person told about her successful sons and gave advises to me about keep ages coz, time is faster now, better look for jobs for this time.
Oh God........
Fooling time for me and for friends that have same situation to me...
Let's find what we want to, we are Firework!!

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