Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Cousin's Wedding Ceremonial

They are united by the ring symbolizing
Sept 6th, 2014
Loving day for my lovely cutie cousin who loves pink color, Dhelia! 
Syawal did proposal and now they are hubbie and wifie! Congrats for both of you! All the best..

Their wedding with Javanese traditional culture, the make up, dresses, dancers. The theme was Pink!! Hahaha.. all the guests and family in Pink dresses!! What a cruel color, lololol..

Pink families

Pink and Red Guests Greeter

Again, pink decoration for sure! Haha.. They have booked this hall 1 year back because others already full booked!! Pheeww.. could you imagine how many Indonesian couples getting married yearly?

The day came, the families were busy!
All ladies went to make up faces and hairs!
It became reunion time, met old families member and did ^hahahihi^ things.
Preparation to be 1 day Queen 

Make up bag! Shinee bag to make ladies' face look different & pretty

Doing project in my granny's hair! Tough job in this earth!! LOL
The final project of granny, Well Done! Beautiful and oriental!
Waiting in queue for traditional Javanese hair style! See they are gorgeous after making up face!
They were ready for greeting the guests who coming.

Elegant Aunty and Mama :*

When everybody was ready, 'Ijab Qobul' session,
Syawal proposed to Dhelia's father that he wanted to live together with her and make her happily wife. Many praying there, everybody read Al Quran articles. Both of family Groom & Bride brought their own witnesses of this procession. Ijab Qobul identically with white that's why they wore white dresses, i bet Dhelia keep insist to wear Pink! Haha..

I could feel Syawal's heart beating! Dug Deg Dag Dug..

Then Dhelia's twins sister picked her from inside to be near Syawal (almost husband)

After Syawal finished his mantra to Dhelia's father, and the witnesses said, ok "Sah! " a.k.a "VALID" then both of them signed marriage letters as proof they are legal couple.

See, his face full of freedom, no weight in his shoulders now! 

They are husband and wife!! Husband could kiss the bride for a moment. Hellooo.. for a moment only, why do you do like an hour?!
Procession to ask blessing from parents and grannies

Then party time!
7 pm, the guests came. Envelopes on their hands for happy couple.
They started to enter the hall, very nice Javanese dresses!

They were King and Queen in one night!

Broom and Bride between their parents
800 guests congratulated them!!

Here we go, i will show you the Javanese dancing to entertain the guests!
The story about the knight love a girl so deep then, they be together, because the knight keep trying hard to find the girl and get her heart!
Also thankful for Police guy who helped managing  family members on 8 cars in very crowded road like Jakarta and arrived to hall safely!
Thanks! You were so cool!!
Those are my report, Thanks for reading! 

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