Saturday, February 11, 2012

No Water for a day!!

You Know What did happen to me yesterday, on Friday for the exact day.
The story began on Wednesday i  work hard till 3 am (Thursday morning).
I Went home from office on Thursday evening, very tired ofcourse, no rest at all, i decided no water (no bath) for today.
I just wanted to meet my bed.
Voila, on the Friday morning got me!! It's 8 am!! Yay!! There was a kick off meeting in my office too, so I decided again, No Water!!
Thanks God, You still gave me bottle of perfume, tooth brush and her friend, toothpaste, powder, Roll on, lipstick and cute face. hahaha

So, No Water for a day!! It's a miracle for me right and no one knows i didn't bath for a day! hahahahahaa..
Love that moment, memorable obviously!

see how, I looked around my friends :P
No body knows :P

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