Sunday, February 12, 2012


Work at p.m till a.m
             Debora said, i am workaholic woman. Wikipedia said, A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. I am typicaly person that hate unfinished works still in my back, need to process them quickly. So, i will do all the task till finish, if in the office don't finish yet, i will bring that works to my room, silence, i work hard. I do that because i am alone in my room, no one will know how hard i take care the tasks, no one willnot care too much if i forget to eat or less sleep. I never tell my bad habbit to my parents, could you imagine how their expression of what her daughter does daily in her room? Work!! No time to rest?
"Oh, God! My daughter is going look like her grandma. getting older than her age!!"
I know what to do, but coz' i know what exactly i will do, i am lazy to do that, i know i will get lots problems in the unfinished tasks, i will face difficulties, i will face long calculating again and again, feel kinda bored.
-___- bad me yaa!!

 #$#$##@!$@%#$@%&%& BRAIN STROMING &*(&%*up(#%@#$@%$$^&

I have to do evolution! Do the priority! as Mr. Jeff (my cyber daddy from Singapore) said.
Okay, let's moving!
Lazy??! No more.
Lazy??! Go to Hell!! hahaha laugh proudly ^z^
I will stand up, i won't be squatting person in the corner anymore ^z^.

Oh Yeah.
Thanks God cs giving me all the opportunities through ppl surround me (`v`) .
Good bye Squatting person in the corner.
Evolution to Stand up!!


  1. aha! i got u called my name secretly...:P
    workaholic doesn't mean a bad attitude, but i just want u to be more awareness about ur health... u need a good food and rest for ur energy(especially ur stomach!)... if i can choose, i wanna be like u, can bring my project home, do it until midnight too :P unfortunately, i can't hehehe... now i think that rest at night after work is more precious, n save our energy for tomorrow..

    1. Thanks lovely Debora :-*
      Ya, I know save energy for tomorrow, i just can't face the morning when my work didn't complete yet. My dream must be bad bad dream!! awww~~~ Horror! haha...
      take care of you :)

  2. hahahaha, dasar... wah rajinnya mbak curly~~~ hihihi jd inget jaman q menginap d t4mu demi garap KP qta, wkwkwk, searching2...komen2an fb pdhl sblh2an wkwkwk

    1. Jiakakaaka.. Rak moetoe [dot][com] laaah...
      ampun jaman aneh naudubilah yaak. hohoho... gak abis pikir, dlu tuh kita anak IT or anak kelebihan kerjaan siih??
      Kurang si Joja ni comment skalian.jaiaiakakak...