Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Curse Money?

Do you sometimes get money on the street accidentally? It is good topic, because few days ago i found money, not much just USD 4, but with that money i could eat 4 times for lunch here in Indonesia (if you choose cheap food stall), haha! 
 I found that money when i walked with my friend, Ding. 
How lucky we were!! >.<

We did debated about it, i told her, some people believe (Javanese) if you found money you have to say mantra 'Hey, i found my lost money!' , so nothing will happen!! Also, if you found money, don't you ever dare used that money to buy some food or drinks! because could be someone who lost the money will curse you and the food you've eaten might be full poison or could damage your tummy!!

 Ding said, 'no way, could be the one who lost it would bless for someone who found it and take it easy'. Well, i smirked, yes if i lost it i would do that, haha.. so, that time we dared to buy some food in coffee shop.
Yummy Breads @Book store-Kalibata City

 Nowdays, I feel i am always hungry all the time!! do you think something wrong with my tummy because of curse money? 
 I Don't care.
 Enjoy Life, keep walking and wishing for some curse or whatever money :p
 -Gone with the Wind, please wind take me to lost money! haha..


  1. Good news .. but the truth Ding through the money in front of you to help you.. anyway I don't care about the money .. I notes that you have very big eraser which mean a lot of mistakes while you writing chinese letters


  2. hahaa.. you know everything Tono!
    Ding didn't do that!
    and no, i was very smart student!
    haha.. no mistakes ;)

  3. hai sweety...do u learn chinese deb??its gonna b great if u teach me someday babe hahahahha..
    how r u there?is everything okay?miss u so much curly...:(

    1. and again...i forgot to write my name..
      its me Roeri..heheehehe

    2. Hahahah.. hello Mba..
      I am Ok, hope you are great there :)
      Not yet for Mandarin lesson, pending.