Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mystery of Telon Kitty

Telon Kitty
I don't know, it is myth or just fairy tale, but this old story always in my head. Telon Kitty, a cat that has 3 colors (black, yellow and white) is mysterious in my mind.
Telon from Javanese language is 'telu', meaning three. My great story teller told me, the cat with telon color is special color if it born as a male cat!! 
The story told me male telon cat is so special, almost you could not find the male one! Every  male cat with telon color will be eaten by old male cat which is not telon kitty type with mysterious reason....
If human could have male telon cat, the master will get unlimited fortune!! Wohooo..
Maybe just a story, but why i never found any males of these Telon Kitty? Is it only coincedence or? Who knows :)

Here some Telon kitty i got on the street while walking nowhere,

Stay mysterious Telon Kitty!

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