Saturday, May 17, 2014

Feel the Breeze with You

Feel the breeze with You, 

I feel something different in my self, i couldn't recognize what is it when i am with You,
Is it different wind?
Is it different mind?
Is it different land?
Is it different road?
Is it another drama story?
Is it called lucky or silly?

You admire the moon,
I admire the stars,
and we admire the rain silently,

While feel the breeze with You, 
I don't care to get lost in nowhere,
I feel useless, because there will be only 'depending on You' mood,
Everything in our 50 km zone will be good topics to be discussed,
Tiredness that i feel is nothing.

Very strange when i feel the breeze with You。

but it is 'good strange feeling'

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