Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Say Something

Say Something, i'm giving up on you my close friend.

All i know since i was kid, what i do oftenly is go out to the garden, face up to the sky, wishing to fallen stars.

Wishing to get many many many friends...

Alone is painful sometimes.

When i have some good friends around, i will fight to keep the great relation between them, because i know stars have chosen me the great great persons. 

They are precious.

But, when a close friend say something that makes me giving up on his decision to leave me behind, what can i do? All i do just unbelieve with that situation.

What was i feeling is unspoken, speechless, very very deep pain, i wished it was just a nightmare.

What i wanted to say is, 'Please gimme a chance, even i can't promise i willnot do the same mistake. At least, i have prepared with the same pain when you say something.'

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