Saturday, July 5, 2014

Meet up with Cutie Debora


Girls meet up time, since long time we keep in touch for real again! 
We are talkative, lot of laugh, hunting my lovely dovey yummy shoes and I got it, tried many many chic dresses in fitting room till made messy queue outside haha!!
Yes, you are mine now!


Do i look like model in "Vogue Mag"?! While pose like model, opening lips :0

Normal us!

Chic dresses!!

Our Transforming!

Hmm.. sorry to say Bora, my size is smaller than u now, all dresses are my friends not you! Hihihi
Indian dresses.. awo wo wo..

Enjoyed this day with you!!
Good luck Debora darling :* aaanddd Get well soon ;)

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