Monday, July 7, 2014

Ojeg Payung - Umbrella Driver

add another 'B' pls   :P

Starbucks is my place in hiding at the moment, while enjoying heavy rain i saw something interesting.
Admiring the rain and the children who took advantage of rain it self

Children who smart to see some opportunity as Umbrella driver!

I have been searching for the meaning of 'Ojeg Payung' in English to make the readers understand. Payung is umbrella, Ojeg is kinda like driver, so the job description of Ojeg Payung or Umbrella Driver is they will rent their umbrella to people who need it in heavy rain, as usual they will follow the clients to their destination and surprisingly they will follow the clients under the rain barefoot!! The clients will give the tip to them after reaching the destination like bus station or home.
It seems fun but i can say, how tough they are, they don't care about their health at all.

I will follow you whenever you'd go (Umbrella Driver's mind)

Wet and keep enthusiast!
Very interesting moment while waiting for good news from my lovely Cha!

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